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Advice On Child Development

"Child development is the study
of how your child grows and changes over time.

Child Development Guide is your reference resource for the development of children from birth to teens.

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Changes of children from birth are described in clear text and illustrated photographs as we want to bring the development of children to life. offers benefits to parents, carers and students as a source of guidance for...

  • Providing for a child's developmental needs
  • Reassuring that a child in your care is developing normally
  • Anticipating and responding to a child's age-related behaviour
  • Building up a picture of a child's progress over time
  • Identifying a child who may not be following normative stages.

The early years of a child's life are crucial for...

physical development
Physical Development... concerning the physical growth and the development of a child's gross and fine motor movement of the body.

cognitive development
Cognitive/Intellectual Development... how a child thinks and react.

social development
Social and Emotional Development... concerning a child's ability to feel and express an increasing range of emotions and ability to relate to others appropriately and become independent.

language development
Language and Speech Development... using visual and sound stimuli, especially in the acquisition of language, also in the exchange of thoughts and feelings.

Therefore, it is important that we take every step necessary to ensure that a child in our care grow up in environments where his intellectual, social, emotional, physical, sensory, communication and language developments are met.

As a father, I've seen how my daughter has grown over time going through the developmental changes children go through.

I've being fascinated enough to create this website as your one stop solution to share my personal experiences with the growth and development of my daughter.

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Site Contents

What is Child Development ?
Just what is Child development? -- It's how your child is able to do complex things as he gets older. The acquisition of skills such as sitting, picking up objects describes physical development.
Aims of Child Development
Aims of child development will make you ensure that your child is developing normally. It will enable you to identify a child who for some reason may not be following the normative stages.
Child Development SiteSearch
Child Development SiteSearch will help you find the information you are looking for on all Child Development topics.
How To Develop The Genius In Your Child
It is best to learn how to develop the genius in your child if you want your child to be a gifted one.
Careers In Child Development: Do You Have The Vital Skills And Qualifications?
Careers in Child Development; If you are fairly interested to pursue a career in a child development career, then you are fortunate to know that there are many excellent opportunities to choose from.
Child Brain Development: How Your Child's Brain Develop
Child Brain Development; Your child actually started learning when you were carrying him as a baby in your womb. Do not get astonished on hearing that. His brain begins to get a definite shape.
Child Reading Development | How To Develop Your Child's Reading Skills
Your influence on your child's progress in reading is crucial during the stage of child reading development. He imitates what you do, like reading books and newspapers. The more time your child has to
Cognitive Child Development: From Birth To 6 Years
Cognitive child development is the way in which your child manages his thinking, and talent to create sense of the world and what is occurring around him.
Reactive Attachment Disorder
Reactive attachment disorder is a rare psychological disorder in which a child is unable to form healthy bonds with others, including their parents.
Child Language Development: What To Expect From Birth To 3 Years
Child Language Development; He can use few pronouns correctly like I, you, etc. He recgnises his own body parts in the fashion the parent has taught.
Child Speech Development: Is Your Child Lost For Words?
Child Speech Development; Imitate the sound that he makes and wait for response. This will encourage him to respond to a sound or speech.
How You Can Help Your Child Speak Better
How You Can Help Your Child Speak Better; Child Speech Development; Imitate the sound that he makes and wait for response. This will encourage him to respond to a sound or speech.
Problems In Child Language Development | Speech and Language Development
Problems in child language development occur when there is a lack of communication between you and your child. Your child is unique in that he communicates with words, with gestures and with body language.
Childcare Directory UK
Advertise Your Business FREE On Childcare Directory UK Today!
ADHD Article
Attention deficit disorder and ADHD article with recommended courses of treatment for a child with ADD or ADHD.
Childproofing and Child Safety Tips
Childproofing; What you need to Know about Child Safety.
EYFS (Early Years Foundation Stage) – Themes And Principles
EYFS sets the standards for learning, development and care for children from birth to five years. There are four themes of the Early Years Foundation Stage. These themes are:
Edward Thorndike: Theory of Connectionism
Edward Thorndike work on animal behaviour and the learning process led to the theory of connectionism and helped lay the scientific foundation for modern educational psychology.
Childrens Educational Toys: Learning Toys That Encourage Your Child's Curiosity, Discovery And Creativity
If you want to boost up your child's learning capacity, it is your responsibility as parent to provide them the right childrens educational toys.
Fun Activities For Kids
Painting, drawing, and colouring are some of the fun activities for kids under crafts making. This activity is an avenue to unleash your child's creative potential.