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Easter Egg
Crafts for Kids

Easter Egg Crafts for Kids...

There would be very few people who has not played the Easter Egg Hunt or any Easter activities. Easter is a very jolly and festive time of the year especially for kids.

Easter Egg Crafts for Kids

Easter is usually associated with Easster Egg Hunt and Easter Bunny.

Easter Egg Hunt first started mainstream in the 17th century when it was brought to America with German immigrants.

Over the period of time, Easter has become a very joyous festival not only for kids but also for elders.

With the use of Easter egg crafts for kids you can surely organize many exciting activities for your young ones and their friends.

One of the most important and basic tradition involving Easter is the Easter Egg Hunt. For the hunt, boiled eggs or chocolate eggs can be used.

Plastic eggs are also good to use in order to avoid the mess caused by cracked or broken eggs.

These eggs are given to kids for decorating in their own designs. These eggs are then hidden and kids are asked to search for the hidden eggs.

Here are some ideas which could make your Easter Egg Hunt a little extra fun with the use of Easter egg crafts for kids!

1. Night Hunt

Instead of having hunt during the day, try to organize the event during the evening when the sun is about to go down.

Night always makes things more interesting for our little ones. There is always a special excitement in carrying a flash light and looking for things in the dark for kids.

The special highlight of night hunts can be glow in the dark eggs.

To make glow in the dark eggs, the materials needed are transparent plastic Easter eggs, glow sticks and tape.

Cut the glow sticks and pour the contents in the plastic eggs. Seal the eggs with the tape and hide them.

This Easter egg craft for kids would make kids and adults thrilled alike.

2. Swimming Pool Egg Hunt

Water splashes, slides, and sunny days are perfect ingredients for a great Easter celebration.

If a swimming pool is available and appropriate for kid play, it can be a very exciting venue to hold your hunt.

For swimming pool hunt, sinking Easter eggs with waterproof paint can create one of the most fun filled Easter experience for kids.

For making Easter eggs for this hunt, get some plastic Easter eggs and put stones in them to make them heavy.

Paint them with waterproof colours easily available in art supply stores in Easter egg crafts for kids section during Easter season.

3. Mystery Hunt

One of the things that all kids love is a good old puzzle. Make their Easter extra special with some mystery.

Buy plastic Easter eggs and try to find the current favourite comic/book that kids like. Make clues based on the story or characters of the book and put the clues in the plastic eggs.

Each egg would carry the clue for the next one. Start the hunt by giving them the first egg as the first clue and let the hunt begin.

The egg can be decorated using Easter egg crafts for kids.

Kids enjoy planned, organized activities. It helps them build discipline and team spirit.

Events like Easter are very important for kids when they are growing up to show the importance of institutionalizing holidays and games.

Activities like these can also be used to bring different age groups and even generations together in one common goal no matter how simple.

Adult involvement can make these games even more exciting for kids and hence more enjoyable for parents.

Hopefully these Easter egg crafts activities will help you plan your perfect Easter Hunt.

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