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Benefits of Educational
Construction Toys

Educational Construction Toys...

Children learn by playing and will consider anything they see and grab on as toys.

Children have minds like sponges and it is our responsibility as parents to see to it that they absorb the right knowledge and information for them to grow and develop not just physically, but also emotionally, socially and intellectually.

educational construction toys

Children love toys but not all of them are educational. Toys to be played by your children should also be age-appropriate.

As early as 2 years old, a child can be interested with building blocks as they like to play with toys that they can manipulate.

When a child becomes a pre-schooler, his imagination gets very active, thus, construction toys are beneficial for his development at this age and onwards.

So How Will Educational Construction Toys Benefit Your Child?

Enhance Creativity.

Educational construction toys can let your child express himself. He will be able to create what he thinks a house or car should look like.

He can make his own designs and widen his imagination. A child can play with construction toys for hours which can really broaden his imagination.

Promote Convergent And Divergent Thinking.

Convergent thinking is the ability to learn facts and follow instruction to get the right answer like in mathematics or constructing a toy e.g. The only answer for 3 plus 3 is six and nothing else.

Jigsaw puzzles will only be completed if the right pieces are combined together.

Divergent thinking is the thinking outside the box, looking for possible solutions. Engineers, scientists, leaders, and managers are divergent thinkers.

Combine Convergent And Divergent Thinking For Optimum Learning.

After being able to build the construction toy successfully through following instructions (convergent thinking), the child will later on develop his own ideas and would want to create his own design with the same pieces he just used (divergent thinking).

When combined, children will develop critical and problem-solving skills.

Develop Confidence.

If a child has successfully completed the task of constructing a toy like using Lego, he will feel very confident and proud of himself.

Learn Patience.

To complete a construction toy, instructions should be followed carefully and should be done step by step.

With this practice, children will be able to learn how to be patient.

Enhance Motor Skills.

By simply grabbing pieces or parts of construction toys and combining them exercises their motor skills and hand-coordination skills.

Enhance Problem-Solving Skills.

With educational construction toys, a child will be doing trial-and-error on how to best build the structures.

Improve Memory.

One way of improving one's memory is by keeping the brain active. Educational construction toys make your child think and focus which are good exercises for the brain.

If the brain is being stimulated all the time, a child will be able to develop a sharp memory. The brain, just like the muscle, needs mental exercises for optimum cognitive function.

Construction toys come in varieties depending on the age of your child. As your child gets older, construction toys will be more challenging to build.

The skills your child will learn from playing with these toys will be useful in his later life.

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