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Educational Toys for Babies:
Characteristics of Developmentally
Appropriate Toys For Babies

Educational Toys for Babies...

Our babies are very precious to us and any parent would want their babies to have proper growth and development.

Aside from giving them proper nutrition, babies also grow and develop by playing.

Guiding them every step of the way as they grow is our responsibility and letting them play with educational toys is very important.

educational toys for babies

These toys function as catalysts for your babies' overall development and encourage learning.

With millions of baby's educational toys available in the market today, it is hard to decide what toys to buy that have a good combination of fun and learning.

The toys should have good quality and are safe to use. They should be made from non-toxic materials especially when babies like to put toys in their mouths.

With so many toys to choose from, it will really be helpful if you determine first on how the toy will enhance your baby's development.

Below are characteristics you should consider when choosing quality baby educational toys.

Sensory Stimulation

How many senses do these baby educational toys stimulate? Do they have lights?

Can these toys move or create sounds? Are they fun or attractive to look at? Are they brightly coloured? Does it have a smell? Are these toys soft, rough, smooth, or hard?

Activation Method

Is the toy challenging for babies to play with and not frustrating? Do you think your baby will enjoy playing with these educational toys and have a rewarding experience?

Expression of Oneself

Do these toys allow your baby to express herself? Will the toys enhance your child's creativity? Can it allow your baby to make choices?

Success Potential

Can the toy be played with no right or wrong responses? Can it adapt your baby's abilities and style?


Can these educational toys for babies be used in different ways? Can they be used in other kinds of play or games?


Are these toys famous? Are they known and made for babies? Can they relate to other media such as storybooks, movies, or television?


Can you adjust the toy's features such as speed, volume, or level of difficulty? Can it change sizes or be divided into several pieces?

Chances for Social Play

Can these toys provide interaction to you or to other children? Can the toy develop your child's social skills?

Individuality and Growth

Can these toys let your baby do activities that will show your baby has achieved the developmental milestones for his age?

Will it reflect your baby's interests?

Safety and Durability

Are these educational toys for babies safe to use? Are they made of non-hazardous material? Are they durable enough when handled?

With the help of educational toys for babies, you can follow and supervise your baby's growth and development.

It will not only benefit your baby but also you as well, because his/her playing time will also be your time to relax and have fun with your little angel.

Some educational toys for babies are expensive but if it provides great learning to your baby, then they are worth buying.

Seeing our children learning and having fun gives us great joy. Nothing compares to the happiness babies bring.

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