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Educational Toys
For Boys

There are many educational toys for boys you could find in shopping malls and online stores.

Educational Toys For Boys
With thousands of these kinds of toys to choose from, it would really be stressful which ones to buy.

But we tend to ask ourselves, is it really necessary to buy educational toys that are made solely for boys?

Well, here are some facts.

Babies Are Not Yet Still Aware of Their Gender Until They Are 2 Years Old

In the first two years of your baby's life, he or she still is not able to recognize the difference between toys for a boy or a girl.

It does not matter to them if the toys were exclusively made for a specific gender. As long as the toys stimulate their senses such as bright-coloured toys or musical moving mobiles, they can already be educational for them.

Just make sure the toys are not too small for they might choke when they accidentally swallow them.

Infants love to put anything inside their mouths. Educational toys at this stage should also be soft.

Boys Will Always Be Boys And Girls Will Always Be Girls

Time will come when children realize what they want. When they are old enough, girls would find themselves that they like soft and cuddly toys like stuffed animals or dolls.

Boys, on the other hand, will be attracted to cars, robots, helicopters or toys with action and cool designs.

As early as toddlers, they observe you and your environment. Their surroundings are of great influence of realizing who they are.

They will tend to imitate you and pretend to be adults. A girl will eventually realize that she and her mother are of the same gender and boys are the same with their fathers.

Girls would like to wear dresses or set a table because these are what they always see their mothers do.

Same goes with how their fathers influence them. But there are many educational toys for boys that can also be played by girls or unisex educational toys.

One example is Lego. It is an educational construction toy that provides learning and fun to all children, whether girl or boy.

Educational Toys For Boys And Girls Should Be Age-Appropriate Rather Than Gender-Specific

It is important that boys and girls educational toys are ideal for their age. Educational toys such as interactive books or colouring materials are not appropriate for infants.

Babies have not yet developed their motor skills and creativity. The learning capacity of your child varies depending on their age.

There are some educational toys for boys and girls that can only be appreciated on a specific age-group.

Gender-specific toys can also give enjoyment to your child. But it is more important and beneficial that educational toys are age-appropriate.

Playing is how your child learn about the world. Thus, toys are important learning tools in your child's life.

But you should give them the right kinds of toys and these toys should be educational, meaning, toys that can allow your child to learn, grow, and develop physically, emotionally, socially, and intellectually.

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