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Choosing Educational
Toys For Preschoolers

Educational Toys For Preschoolers...

Play is very important for the development of your child. When you child reaches the preschool period, she gets to be more energetic with many things to say and discover.

Preschoolers love to play all the time and it would be very beneficial if your child will focus her energy into playing with educational toys for preschoolers.

educational toys for preschoolers

Such toys will encourage her to learn and develop her skills.

Children love toys but we should not just randomly buy one for them. The toys should be age-appropriate and should also serve as a medium for learning.

There are certain characteristics or developmental milestones which are expected from a preschooler.

Knowing and understanding these characteristics will guide you on what educational toys for preschoolers you should give them.

Preschoolers Love To Imitate Adults.

Preschoolers are keen observers and like to imitate the roles of the people around them.

They love to dress-up and pretend as if they are adults. A preschooler may pretend as a police officer stopping her playmates from speeding or a firefighter who is busy putting out fires.

One day you might be surprised to see your preschooler pretending to be like you wearing your clothes, shoes, and use your make-up.

She might use dolls and pretend that they are her babies. These activities will allow your child to express her feelings, emotions, and how she views the outside world.

It will enhance her creativity, social and emotional skills. Preschoolers love role-playing.

Dress-up clothes, costumes, farm and community play sets, grocery store prop boxes, play houses, dolls and stuffed animals are good educational toys for preschoolers.

Preschoolers Have Active Imagination.

Your preschooler has a wild imagination and it is important that you provide her educational toys for preschoolers that encourage creative play.

Such toys include finger paints, soapy water to splash or blow into bubbles, mud to make pies, sand to build castles and modeling clay.

These can be messy activities but you should be supportive for these can be a good learning experience for her.

Building blocks or simple construction toys are some of the famous educational toys for preschoolers.

It promotes creativity as it will allow preschoolers to build their own house, different figures, or anything they could imagine.

Many preschoolers have imaginary friends and you should not worry if you hear your child as if talking to someone even when she is alone.

This is normal since she has a very active imagination. These sometimes exist until she formally begin school.

Preschoolers Are Interested With Physical Play.

When your child reaches the preschool period, she has more control with her muscles and better motor skills.

You can give her a tricycle or bicycle with training wheels. Climbing structures, jump ropes, sport equipment, or trampolines can give her good physical activity and exercise.

Preschoolers Can Learn To Read And Write.

As hand coordination increases, preschoolers can learn how to write. They can also learn to read simple words.

They can count numbers and recognize alphabet letters as well. They love listening to stories.

Storybooks, reading materials with colourful pictures, flash cards, and educational toys that can teach language and mathematics are ideal at this stage.

Preschoolers Begin To Share And Play With Other Children.

Educational toys such as play houses can allow them to socialize with other children.

They also like to share activities with others like listening to a story. Toys that can be used for group games can be helpful.

The Developmental Task of A Preschooler Is To Gain A Sense of Initiative.

According to Erik Erikson, preschoolers should learn how to do things or have a sense of initiative otherwise, they will develop a sense of guilt.

If your child has gained initiative successfully, she will not be able to have difficulty making decisions later in life and would find learning new things fun.

To achieve this task, you should give her educational toys that can stimulate creativity. Exposing her to a wide variety of experiences can be helpful.

Now that you know what preschoolers are like, it would be easy for you to choose what toys you should provide for them.

Your child will never stop growing and learning. There are still many things to explore and it is good to know that there are many educational toys you can use to guide her.

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