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Effects Of Single
Parenting On Children

Effects Of Single Parenting...

It is believed that the ideal upbringing of a child must consist of a mother and a father.

Effects Of Single Parenting On Children
That is why many couples do their best to stay together even if they don't love each other anymore for the sake of their children.

However, different lifestyle changes have changed this perception. Single parenting continues to rise each year.

Aside from the death of a spouse, it is mostly because of unplanned pregnancy and broken marriages.

Being a single parent is not easy. It is a very tough and challenging task. You have to be an understanding mother and at the same time, a strong father.

Responsibilities are doubled and it can be very stressful on your part. As much as single parenting affects you, it can also have positive and negative effects on your children's personality.

Therefore, it is very important that you will be able to create certain measures that would highlight the positive effects of single parenting instead of focusing on the negative.

The growth and development of your children lies in your hands.

Positive Effects of Single Parenting

1. Development of Close Bonds

This is one big positive effect of single parenting.

Because you get to spend most of your time looking out for your children, you will be able to create a closer and stronger parent-child relationship than it would have been otherwise.

You will be the only one they will always look up to and you will have their undivided unconditional love.

2. Experiencing Community

As they say, "It takes a village to raise a child."

A child who is raised by a single parent usually has a village of supporters or extended family such as relatives, friends, or neighbours who can play significant roles in a child's life.

Because the child is exposed to the community at an early age, he/she will have the ability to easily socialize and understand the different natures of people.

3. A Stronger Sense of Responsibility

Children taken care by single parents tend to make more chores at home because single parents have lesser time to get things done since they are busy looking for money to sustain their needs.

From helping out around the house, children will be able to develop a great sense of responsibility.

They gain pride in their work and feel more self-value when their contributions are recognized.

You can help build these feelings if you praise and recognize their efforts.

4. Ability To Handle Conflicts

Children who are raised by single parents are more equipped in handling conflicts which is a positive single parenting effect.

They get to witness how hard their parents work together and collaborate to settle their issues despite their differences.

They learn to deal with disappointment and difficult emotional situations early in their life.

Experiences like these can be good opportunities for growth that will help your children be sensitive, caring and empathetic individuals.

Negative Effects of Single Parenting

1. Low Academic Performance In School

Absence of one parent because of death or separation can give so much stress to a child.

When stress accumulates, it can lead to low performance in school and behavioural issues.

Children in single parent families have high risk to be emotionally distressed and develop a negative attitude towards life, which can further reduce academic, co-curricular, and extracurricular performance.

2. Behavioral And Emotional Distress

Children with single parent have the tendency to feel depressed, lonely, fearful, and angry which might result to rebellious acts.

They might also involve themselves with alcohol or drug abuse. These behaviours will develop if there is lack of supervision, or because they do not feel any love or attention they need to deal with their feelings.

Your children need you. What they become in the future depends on how you take care of them.

Single parenting may have negative effects on your children but they can be avoided. Just give them the love, nurture, care, security, attention, and guidance they need.

Even as a single parent, you can raise your child to be a loving and respectful individual.

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