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Fact Plus Pregnancy Test:
The Best Home Pregnancy Test Kit

A Fact Plus Pregnancy Test kit helps to determine whether you are pregnant or not. A test is the first step you take towards the journey of becoming a mother.
Advancement in science has made it possible to have different options in pregnancy testing.

Fact Plus Pregnancy Test

The best option is by using a home pregnancy test kit like the 'Fact Plus Pregnancy Test' kit.

The Fact Plust test kit has been described as accurate as a Doctor's test based on sensitivity level comparison with standard professional 25mlU/ml urine test to detect hCG (Human Chorionic Gonadotropin).

The most important criteria when using the Fact Plus test kit has to do with timing. If you have yet to have your menstrual period and don't expect it for a few days, few pregnancy tests can accurately give you a result.

If you are past your expected period day then you have more options.

A Fact Plus test can give you a positive result with as little as 40 ml of HCG (Human Chorionic Gonadotropin).

This amount of the pregnancy hormone should be present about 7-10 days after implantation.

If you fail to get a positive result and your period has not arrived, wait a few days and retest.

If the results are still negative, speak with your doctor to discuss your options.

There may be another reason for your missed period such as stress or health problems.

The Fact Plus pregnancy tests give you a few options when it comes to testing. You can choose to urinate directly on the test strip for the quickest results.

If you find this difficult, you may urinate into a clean dry cup or container and then dip the test strip into the sample. Either way is perfectly fine!

The Fact Plus test kit is...

  • Easy to Use: Add only 4 drops of urine to round urine well. It can be used at any time of day, as early as the first day of your missed period.
  • Reliable: A line in the reference area mean the test worked properly.

  • Over 99% Accurate: It is 99 percent accurate at detecting typical pregnancy hormone levels.

The Fact Plus Pregnancy Test Kit

  • This easy-to-read test works in just 2 minutes to give you over 99% accurate results from the day of expected period. And Fact Plus lets you begin testing before you expect your period - so you can have results 5 days sooner.
  • Works in just 2 minutes.
  • Results 5 days sooner.

When to test

  • You can use the Fact Plus Pregnancy Test kit before you expect your period to start. So you get results 5 days sooner.
  • When testing this early, it is recommended using your first morning urine. If testing on or after the day you expect your period, you can use urine from any time of the day.

How To Test

  • Open the protective foil pouch immediately before use
  • Remove test kit from foil package and take off cap
  • Hold test kit by thumb grip. Point absorbent tip downward in urine stream for 5 seconds ONLY. Too much or too little urine on absorbent tip may cause an invalid result
  • If you prefer, urinate into a clean, dry cup and dip the entire absorbent tip into the cup for 20 seconds
  • Replace cap and lay on flat surface with "Fact Plus" facing up.

Fact Plus Pregnancy Test

Reading Your Results

You can read your results for the Fact Plus Pregnancy Test kit after just 2 minutes. However, DO NOT read results after 10 minutes.

Positive Results

  • A positive result displays one blue line in the Control (C) window AND a "+" in the Result (R) window
  • Lines can be any shade of blue and do not need to match
  • It does not matter if one of the lines that make up the "+" symbol is fainter or darker than the other.

Negative Results

  • A negative result displays one blue line in the Control (C) window AND a "-" in the Results (R) window
  • Lines can be any shade of blue and not need to match.

Invalid Results

  • If after 10 minutes no line appears in the Control (C) window, the result is invalid. Repeat with a new Fact Plus Pregnancy Test kit.

Fact Plus Pregnancy Test

Learn more about Fact Plus Test Kit from
Learn more about Fact Plus Test Kit from

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