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5 Facts About
Single Parenting

Facts About Single Parenting...

Single parenthood is really hard because you have to play the role of both parents.

Facts About Single Parenting
But you always have to stay positive and be strong.

Many children grew up to be successful even if they were brought up by single parents.

Here are some single parenting facts...

1. Most Single Parents Are Women

This is one of the reliable single parenting facts. Single moms always outnumber single dads by 4 to 1.

According to the U.S. Census Bureau, only 16% of custodial parents are fathers and approximately 84% of custodial parents are mothers.

The most common reasons aside from death of a spouse are unplanned pregnancy and broken marriages.

2. You Can Still Raise Your Child To Be A Better Individual Even If You Are A Single Parent

There are many positive effects of single parenting on a child.

They will grow up to be more responsible because they are already exposed with a lot of responsibilities when they are still young in order to help his/her parent such as doing household chores.

They will learn also to be independent, good decision-makers, and the ability to handle conflicts.

Your child will grow to be a loving and caring individual especially that you get to have more bonding time spent together.

Your child will become happier than those who live with parents who just keep on quarreling. This is one of the facts about single parenting you should be aware of.

3. It Is Not True That Children Who Grew Up From Single Parent Families Become Lonely And Isolated

Most of the time, a single parent family has a big support system.

Because people understand how hard it is to raise a child alone, the family, friends, relatives, neighbours of that single parent and the community are always willing to help.

All these people will play a significant role in your child's life.

Since children from single parent families are exposed with different people at an early age and they have a big support system, they will become socially developed.

They have a high EQ (emotional quotient), thus, develop good relationships with other people.

4. There's A Possibility That Your Child Will Have Emotional, Social And Psychological Problems

This can only happen if children are not being taken care of properly by single parents.

They should also understand that children can be distressed by the divorce, separation, or loss of a parent.

It is very important that they are given love and attention so they will not develop negative feelings or behaviour.

5. Facts About Single Parenting - The Mistakes

Single parents most of the time feel guilty that they cannot provide a "normal" family for their children and tend to develop low self-esteem.

You should be careful not to pass this negative feeling to your children. Parents who feel this way should think positively all the time and boost their confidence.

One of the facts about single parenting is that single parents have the tendency to give in to the demands of their children to show their love.

Single parents think that the separation or divorce is already a big disappointment and that giving what they want can compensate such disappointment.

Permissive parenting is not advisable because your children will not grow to be responsible and independent individuals.

One of the facts about single parenting also is that single parents tend to forget taking care of themselves because they pressure themselves to provide for their children.

They will end up being burned up. You have to understand that you have to take care of yourself so you could take care for them.

Your children need you.

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