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Farm Animal
Crafts For Kids

Farm Animal Crafts For Kids...

Kids have always been fond of cute little farm animals. We all have our favourite animal, be it a duck, pig, dog or a cat.

Farm Animal Crafts for Your Kids

Farm animal characters are also famous in games, learning activities, and other early literature.

They appeal to little children especially in examples of counting and learning the alphabet.

Farm animals are also used in teaching colours and sounds.

Hence, it is best to use farm animals in introducing your kids to making their own artworks.

So, here are the top cool farm animal crafts for your kids they will surely enjoy.

1. Chick Mask

This is an easy farm animal crafts for kids. You only need a paper plate, yellow paint, orange-coloured paper, glue and an elastic rubber band.

Paint the paper plate yellow and wait a few minutes for it to dry. Cut out two eyeholes.

Using the orange paper, simply cut out a triangle for its beak and then glue it to the mask.

Punch small hole on both sides of the mask. Thread the elastic rubber band through and tie it to secure.

Now you have a chick mask.

Play around and try other animals like a dog, cat, sheep or a pig.

This can help bring out the artist in your kid and teach them the different shapes and colours.

2. Farm Animal Jars

It would be nice to make farm animals crafts for kids and enjoy looking at how cute they are when it is finished.

A furry and fluffy sheep, pig, bird or a cow sitting on your children's reading desk.

You can make cute farm animal decoration from baby food jars and place it in your little ones' room.

First, you have to clean the baby food jars and remove the label. Fill it with pompoms that match your animal's face.

Replace the lid and turn it upside down. Glue on two wiggly eyes and a pompom nose.

Cut two pieces of ears out of foam and glue in place.

For the whiskers, you can cut small pieces of craft lace and glue on end under the pompom nose.

3. Bottle Piggy Bank

This kind of farm animal crafts for kids teaches a lot of things.

It will help your children understand the value of money and how to save up.

It will help introduce the idea of recycling and how it does well for the environment.

Also, it stimulates their creative thinking and artistic attributes.

To make a bottle piggy bank, rinse an empty plastic container and remove the labels.

Cut out two eyes and ears out of construction paper and glue them in place.

Cut out nostrils and glue them on the bottle cap to make it look like the snout.

Hot-glue empty thread spools or bottle caps for the legs. Cut a slot at the top for the coins and a hole at the back to insert a pipe-cleaner tail.

Farm animal crafts for kids are a surefire hit for toddlers and preschoolers. It is a very useful tool for them to learn while playing.

Letting them make these crafts can surely bring out their creativity.

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