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Growing With
Your Children

Growing With Your Children ...

By Robert Lobitz

Every parent knows that each child has its own personality from the day they are born.

Growing With Your Children

...Some are fussy, some are quiet, some sleep through the night and some awaken every one to two hours.

As a parent, you must (will) adjust to each child.

Parents also know that babies change every day. They are growing, and you must grow with them.

For instance, when you bring home your newborn, you could leave them on the couch while you went for a bottle or wash rag.

You would not even consider leaving that same baby lying on the couch 60 days later!

Parenting more than one child requires the ability to instantaneously adjust the way you react to your children based on age or personality.

Parents, especially moms, will ‘over-protect’ their children at every given possibility.

Some will not even let the children spend the night at grandma’s because they are convinced that they are the only ones capable of taking proper care of the child.

As a parent you need to adjust your thinking as your children become older and give them more freedom.

This in no way means that you should let your child do something that is unsafe.

It simply means that you must give your children the freedom to do what you know they are capable of doing, or capable of learning.

This is how children learn. For instance, if 4-year old Jimmy wants to pour his own cereal in the morning, let him!

What is the worst that can happen? Can he get hurt pouring cereal? No. Will he make a mess? Probably. Should you let him clean up the mess? Yes. (He will need some help and guidance from you).

Letting him pour the cereal into the bowl accomplishes several things...

  • Jimmy gets a huge boost to his self-confidence
  • Jimmy feels that he is growing up, becoming a ‘big boy’
  • He is learning how to do things for himself (a good thing)
  • He is learning that when he makes a mess, he has to clean it up.

These are all positive things, don’t you agree?

As your children grow, you will have to change their sleeping arrangements – they can’t stay in the crib forever!

I am not a proponent of bunk beds for toddlers, but I understand the need for bunk beds when there is more than one child in the household.

They actually make special bunk beds for toddlers that are smaller and lower than regular bunk beds, but that means you will have to buy two sets – one for toddlers and one when your children become older.

This (to me) is an unnecessary expense.

You can use the money spent on a second set of bunks for clothes, learning toys or many other things that children need as they grow.

Buy a good heavy wooden bunk bed set in the beginning. My recommendation is to purchase two accessories with the set...

  • Trundle bed
  • Stairs

If you purchase the type of bunks that come apart to make two separate beds, leave the top bunk off for now.

You can store the stairs and extra bunk in the garage or in a guest room. If they don’t separate, Do NOT put the ladder in place; leave the top bunk devoid of mattress and slats.

Let your oldest child sleep on the bottom bunk, and have your youngest child sleep on the trundle.

If either of them rolls out of bed the fall will be inches, not feet, and there is no ladder to fall off.

When you feel that both of your children are capable of getting up and down from a top bunk, then add the top bunk and the stairs.

I feel that bunk beds with stairs are much safer than the ladders. Bunk beds with stairs will also give you extra storage, as each stair step has a built in drawer.

In conclusion, let your children grow, and make it as safe as possible for them.

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