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10 Healthy Parenting Tips
Every Parent Should Know

Healthy Parenting...

Your child is your responsibility. How you bring her up matters. Of course, you always want your child to grow up and be a successful individual.

Healthy Parenting
But not all methods of parenting have good results.

Giving your child what she wants because it makes her happy does not result to really a happy child.

Giving her too much freedom and doing whatever she wants will not make her independent and responsible.

Disciplining your child is part of healthy-parenting and it should be implemented in the right way.

Below are some healthy parenting tips you can use...

1. You have to know how to differentiate big things from small things.

2. Always keep in mind the difference of rebelliousness or incompetence. If your child was able to commit something out of incompetence, it is your responsibility to teach her on how it should be done in the right way. But if your child somehow acts in a rebellious way towards you, you should discipline or teach her a lesson. Such behaviour must not be tolerated.

3. Always remember that in disciplining your child, you need to teach, mold, or shape her. How she becomes in the future depends on how she is brought up by you.

4. Your firmness and consistency are important in disciplining your child. Healthy parenting also involves maintaining a good parent-child relationship.

5. Any parent would want their child to be an achiever in school. You may also want your child to have a high level of performance. As a result, you always want her to study and do her assignments, reports and chores. Your child's brain could be fried. She is more than just a student. She has her own hopes, fears, dreams, etc. Get to personally know your child.

6. Always make some quality time with your child no matter how busy you are. This is an important aspect of healthy-parenting. During weekends or your day-off, you could bring her to a zoo, watch a movie, or dine-out. At home, spend time watching her favourite TV show or read her a story before she goes to sleep. Make her feel she is important.

7. Be a good role model to your child. You can start it by being a positive person. Children always think that what their parents do is always right. They will always follow you. You should be a positive influence to your child emotionally, socially, spiritually, and mentally. How your child becomes in the future depends on how you parent her today.

8. Make sure that your child is able to do something right daily. This is one way to train her especially on good moral values.

9. You should teach your child how she can be successful not just financially but also as a person. Start by explaining to her what it really means to be a successful individual.

10. Lastly, it is very important that you teach your child self-control and that she should always respect other people.

To have a healthy child does not only mean to be physically fit. A child should also be healthy in other aspects like emotionally, spiritually, and psychologically.

In order to have a healthy child, be a healthy parent by practicing healthy-parenting.

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