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Hives During Pregnancy

Hives During Pregnancy...

Hives is a common skin problem that often irritates you with a lot of itching and burning-like sensation.

Women and children are more prone to hives as compared to adult men. Hives in pregnancy is not very common among women but in some rare cases it can be found.
Hives During Pregnancy

Basically hives are allergic reaction that appears as raised red or pale coloured welts areas on the skin.

Hives continuously changes their location each time they reappear. They often occur in clusters and can even change their shapes and location on your body.

They are usually found on legs, arms and back.

Hives in pregnancy is neither harmful to you nor to your baby but the itching can be very irritating.

As the size of your womb increases, your abdomen skin becomes thin and dry which can increase the chances of hives.

In such cases, the most affected areas remain breasts, abdomen, back of legs, etc.

Moreover, the increase in the hormone production during pregnancy also stimulates the dryness of your skin that causes itching.

Here are the top four things you ought to know about hives during pregnancy...

  • Commonly, hives that are triggered by an allergic reaction occurs because your body has reacted to ingestion or exposure to a certain allergen.

    As a result, histamine in the skin is released causing the distinct wheals or urticaria. However, in pregnancy hives, this occurs not because of an allergic reaction.

    The exact reason for this condition is unknown, but scientists say it's most probably due to the stretching or distension of the skin and the surge of hormones and daily changes in pregnancy that can trigger the release of histamine.

  • Research has it that pregnant women who suffer from hives are those carrying boys and those with multiple pregnancies - like twins or triplets.
  • Hives that appear are primarily raised and firm, itchy wheals. In half of the cases, the hives may grow with vesicles or small blisters.

    The papules and plaques usually emerge in your abdomen and then gradually spread into your chest underarms and legs.

    Your face is nearly at all times spared.

  • Hives during pregnancy usually resolve a week after delivery. But there are a few women who continue to experience the symptoms even after several months after delivery.

The actual cause of hives in pregnancy remains unknown but there are certain factors that can trigger the onsets of hives during pregnancy.

The first and most important factor is the hormonal imbalance especially progesterone and oestrogen hormones.

This hormonal imbalance triggers the production of IgE (Immunoglobulin E) antibodies in your blood stream which in turn bind with mast cells on your skin and hence the production of histamine increases.

Calamine lotion can provide immense relief when suffering from hives. In some of the more severe cases of hives, your doctor may prescribe some oral steroids also.

Home remedies or natural treatments for hives and pregnancy that occur hand in hand usually involve soothing inflamed skin and minimizing itching.

A dip in a mixture of water and oatmeal can usually offer some relief. Moreover, some mix baking soda and water, and apply the paste onto the affected skin for immediate relief.

You may also replace regular soaps for mild ones. Ascertain that all clothing and furniture fabrics and pillowcases are rinsed properly, as residual detergent can worsen your skin condition.

Hives and pregnancy that occur at the same time generally does not risk your baby's development in the womb.

However, the itching that comes with hives can be intolerable for you. For that purpose, doctors usually prescribe antihistamines.

Some women feel sleepy and drowsy after the use of certain prescribed medications. Thus, alternative treatments or therapies should be considered, such as natural applications and relaxation techniques.

Before taking any kind of treatment for hives, you should see a medical professional first.

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