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How You Can Help Your
Child Speak Better

How You Can Help Your Child Speak Better...

How You Can Help Your Child Speak Better

...Speech development in your child is a complex and gradual process that continues even after he has actually spoken his first words.

You can accelerate his speaking abilities by introducing some simple exercises in his playtime.

Here are some interesting exercises that you could use to help your child speak better...

  • Always listen to him; when he smiles at you or make a cooing sound, try to answer in words.
  • Try to talk naturally, without trying to simplify your language, so that it feels natural like a real conversation with an adult.
  • Tell him what you are doing whenever you are handling him; for example if you are feeding him, talk about the food.
  • Imitate the sound that he makes and wait for response. This will encourage him to respond to a sound or speech.
  • Encourage him to make sounds while doing some action. Like you may make him touch his hair, while you emphasize the word "hair". You may then make him repeat the action and try to imitate the word "hair". He will quickly learn that a sound can denote a particular action.
  • Talk as much as you can to him. Anything that you say will be quickly registered in his curious mind and in due course of time, he will be using those same words to speak out his desires. Avoid speaking constantly in baby talk.
  • Sing melodious songs to him to develop his love for music. Songs enable babies to appreciate the soothing power of words and speech.
  • Act out gestures in front of him as often as you can. This will encourage him to appreciate the power of actions combined with words. Whenever possible, he will tend to copy you, which would improve his speaking skills.

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