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Importance Of
Creative Play

Importance of Creative Play by Abdul Hakeem...

Importance of Creative Play

...Without doubt it can be said that play is a natural activity for your child and has great importance in his life.

For every growing child play holds different importance.

Apart from the different opinions that are held, some believe that play, plays an important role in the development and growth of your child.

Psychologists believe that Play is important for the overcoming of emotional disturbances.

All psychologists believe that Play is important for self-control and for learning different lifestyles with everyday experiments.

Experts believe that play is important for the growth and development of recognition and they say that in every culture of the world, play is important for promoting capabilities and social awareness within children.

Play is often accompanied by physical activity, therefore, it is closely related to child development and learning and also deals with your child's movements and physical fitness.

Children are always interested in using their bodies for physical activities, and at the same time they become very skilful which in turn enables them to become physically and mentally secure and independent.

Activities which are performed by your child in the form of Play, influences his physical and mental development.

Your child jumps, runs, goes up and down the stairs, bends, sits and stands, bicycles, skips, etc. In doing all of these muscular activities, he makes use of his body limb and makes them strong.

Playing also strengthens the senses like hearing and touching. A child eyes and hands become more harmonious and the muscles of his hand, fingers and feet are trained. Usually normal children have more energy and by playing their energy is utilized.

If the extra energy of your child isn't utilized in the form of play or if it is suppressed for some reason and remains stored in his body, it results in uneasiness, anger and quarrelling.

Man as a social creature has a need to belong to a social group and to think himself a member of that social group.

Through playing he takes the first step towards becoming social. Through play, your child learns different things like cooperation, victory, defeat, competition and human friendly relations.

Also he learns how to share his toys with others and in this way his sense of cooperation and respect for others develop. With developing your child, he learns a basic thing which is that in play cooperation is of great importance.

About the age of three your child is interested in playing with other children and slowly and gradually he learns to respect the rights of others. When your child reaches this stage, the time comes for him to learn group play.

The sense of obedience which is the main condition in playing makes your child learn obedience and also he learns to organize and direct at various stages. In this way, play enables your child to come across several experiences.

Experience is necessary for your child to gain social skills, learning to implement interdiction, leadership and power.

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