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Infant Educational Toys:
Guidelines When Buying

Infant Educational Toys...

As a parent, you always make sure you give what is best for your baby.

The moment she is born, you see to it that she receives so much love and affection, at the same time, provide her basic needs such as milk, shelter, and clothes.

infant educational toys

Her first year of life is also her first year of learning and adapting to your world.

She may appear very delicate and small but she is already learning a lot through her senses.

Infant educational toys can help your little angel learn faster and assist her growth and development by stimulating her senses.

Therefore, it is important that you not only provide her basic needs, but also toys that will help her learn more.

Research had shown that certain disabilities or learning disorders were avoided when a child had being given proper cognitive stimulation such as educational infant toys at an early stage.

Before you decide what infant educational toy you should buy, you should first know the following tips to make sure the toy you buy is really something your infant can learn and enjoy.

Choosing quality infant educational toys really matters for they play a significant role for your child's overall development.

Guidelines When Buying the Right Infant Educational Toy

1. The vision on the first 6 months of an infant has limitation that they can only see what is directly in front of them about 18 inches away.

So it is important that you should purchase toys that have bright and contrasting colours.

2. Newborns and infants less than 6 months are fascinated with crib mobiles. Two-month old infants can focus well and has the ability to follow moving objects with their eyes but not across midline.

Crib mobiles should be brightly coloured and should face down toward the infant and not sideways. Musical mobiles can also give extra stimulation.

3. Hearing is the second source of pleasure for infants. Even newborns listen to a musical box.

As early as two months, infants have increased hearing awareness and they love high-pitched sounds. Chimes and rattles are ideal toys for them.

4. If your infant is three months old, she can already handle small rattles she can shake and soft blocks. These infant educational toys will develop her motor skills.

5. Six-month-old infants can be given teething rings for they are starting to teethe by this time. You can buy bathtub toys such as plastic ships or rubber ducks for they can already sit steadily.

6. For infants who are seven months of age, you can purchase building blocks for they can already transfer toys.

7. As an infant reaches her eighth month, she is already sensitive to texture by this time so you can give her toys with different feels to her, such as fur, smooth, hard or fuzzy educational infant toys.

8. Push and pull toys, nesting cups, stacking blocks and large crayons are ideal educational toys for infants between nine months to 1 year. They also enjoy putting things in and taking things out of jars or containers.

Educational toys for infants do not have to be very expensive. As long as they can help an infant stimulate their senses, it is already suitable for them.

Make sure they are safe to play with. Remember that the main source of pleasure of infants according to Erik Erikson's Stages of Development is through their mouth.

This means that infants love to put things they grab into their mouths so you have to make sure that educational toys you are going to buy are made from non-toxic materials.

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