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Cool Kids Lanyard Crafts

Kids Lanyard Crafts...

Kids will be amazed with how much stuff they can do and create with just the lanyard and their two creative hands using lanyard crafts for kids.

Cool Kids Lanyard Crafts

Lanyards, also referred to as boondoogle or gimp, are colourful plastic lacing used to create crafts for decoration or other purposes.

Just a little twists and simple braids can make pretty stuffs like bracelets and key chains.

They can be perfect gifts for your loved ones or beautiful decorations for the home.

Not only that, it can also be a great way to bond with family and friends improving your kids' socialization skills.

It also stimulates your kids' minds, making their imaginations work and come to life. It also develops their motor skills, especially coordination.

The following are lanyard crafts for kids that are most commonly created. They do not require a lot of materials and expertise that is why lanyards are really fun for kids.

All they need to do is get their hands working and enjoy every twist and turn with their lanyards.

1. Braided Friendship Bracelet

What can be a better gift for a friend other than something that you made yourself and not just purchased from a gift shop?

A friendship bracelet is a good answer. To make this kids lanyard crafts, prepare 2 colours of a three foot-long segments of lanyard lace.

Anchor the lanyard lace by using push pins to secure them for braiding. There should be four pieces of lanyard lace with the same length.

Pick the farthest lace to the right and place it under the two middle laces and then over the first lace.

Pull tight to make it look more neat and crisp. Continue doing the steps until the bracelet looks twisted and braided.

Make another braid with 2 different colours and twist the 2 braids together and secure it on the wrist by tying.

2. Funky Bookmarks

The materials for making these bookmarks are so easy to find. You only need a few strips of lanyard lace, canvas, and colourful beads.

The canvas is used as a template so you will have to cut holes for each lanyard lace to go through.

The lanyard lace should go through the hole and into the colourful beads. It is up to you how much beads you want to put on.

Seeing colourful beads and nice-looking lanyard as a bookmark should encourage one to keep flipping the pages in his or her book.

Kids lanyard crafts can be more exciting when you involve more colours and different kinds of material or lanyard lace fabric. Not every activity or material should be expensive to be able to make cool stuff and have fun with it.

Once your kids see the finished product and how well they performed by using kids lanyard crafts, it will give them the sense of accomplishment and competence.

Talking about kids, whichever activity that allows them to be creative and have fun at the same time is what they choose as a hobby.

With this kind of achievement, your little one deserves a positive reinforcement. Maybe an ice cream treat or more lanyards perhaps?

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