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10 Long Distance
Parenting Tips

Long Distance Parenting ...

Being away from your child is very hard. You will miss them every single day.

Long Distance Parenting
You will always long for their presence, touch, and laughter.

Our children are our treasure. The idea of not being able to be physically with them can be painful.

But long-distance parenting can be bearable as long as you are positive.

There are many reasons why long distance parenting is common nowadays.

It may be because of separation, divorce, or work-related reasons. But most of the time, it is work-related.

As parents, we always want to provide what's best for our children. Even if it means we can be away from them.

Not being able to see them grow may lead you to think that they will forget you and they will become distant.

But keeping a strong connection even when you are far away from them can still be possible.

Here are some tips...

1. It is important that you give your children reassurance that you will still be connected with them even if you are far away, or they are living with their other parent.

2. You have to provide your children immediate proofs that you want to always have a connection with them. For example, you call them the moment you arrive at a new place or you install a phone inside your children's room.

3. Even when you are far from home, try to read or tell your child his/her favourite story over the phone before bed. Do this every few days. It would be better if you do this through a video call so your child can see you at the same time.

4. It would be nice if you will send very cute inspirational or funny post cards to your child once or twice a week. Tell your child that she is the best. You could also say things to encourage her like "Always do your best!" or "I believe you will be successful". This is an important long distance parenting tip.

5. Once in a while, call your child's school so that you will be aware of your child's activities.

6. It is also beneficial if you send them pictures of you, about your life and places you went.

7. If you have enough funds, watch TV shows together through a long distance phone call.

8. Make a list of certain things you would like to share with your child on a certain week. You should also encourage your child to do the same.

9. Kids always love to receive mails, so you should write often. A simple postcard from you is very important for them.

10. Lastly, the most important long distance parenting tip you should never forget is that you should not forget to call them during special occasions. If you cannot go home on their birthday or holidays, make sure you call your children and make them understand. Send them gifts and tell them how much you really miss them so much. There are many things you can do to have successful long distance parenting to your children.

Distance will not be such a big factor if you put effort in having a connection with them. You also have to remember that communication is very important.

With constant communication, the close parent-child relationship can be achieved.

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