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Luau Kids Crafts

Luau Kids Crafts...

Luau refers to Hawaiian style of parties. Any normal party or event can be turned into a Luau by using Luau crafts for kids, which will convert the ordinary party into a Luau celebration.

Luau Kids Crafts

It is a fun way of showing kids how simple activities can make parties even more fun.

Luau helps in bringing out the creative side in kids.

Activities like luau crafts help kids develop social skills and bring out their imagination to life.

1. Luau Invitations

Making a Luau party invitation can be a very fun filled activity with your little ones.

Luau kids crafts can help them make unique party invites.

Natural material such as coconut skin, banana leaves, or even shells can be used for designing the invitations.

Let your kids clean up the grass in the lawn and collect nicely shaped banana leaves. Paste the leaves together to make an envelope.

Paint the largest leaf with a white food colouring and using various colours and glitters, make individual hand written invites for a day fun filled with luau activities such as Hula dancing.

2. Hawaiian Shirt Contest

Invite everyone with specific dress code preferably white with no prints. Using cardboards and charts, make stencils of trees and various shapes.

Buy lots of different coloured spray paints and markers. At the party, organize Luau kids crafts by distributing these stencils and spray paint cans.

Let everyone design their best friend's or parent's white shirts. Within minutes this activity can become a fun filled adventure for your kids and friends.

3. Luau Prizes

Luau parties can be made even more exciting by using special prizes made by kids using Luau crafts.

Let kids make Luau necklaces using small stones or any natural material.

For a hot day, give kids material to make paper fans with luau paintings and designs.

Collect all the crafts made by kids and use them as prizes for Hoop game prizes and other prizes for activities like race and such.

4. Luau at the Beach

Luau parties need a lot of decorations and aesthetics. One good way of making it a fun experience for your kids is to organize a special Luau crafts for kids party.

Bring lots of paint brushes, colours, spray paints and let the kids paint all the hula hoops, coconut masks or dolls to be used during the Luau beach party.

While at the party, organize beach cleanup events for the kids and let them collect all beautiful shells to make into Luau necklaces by colouring them.

Luau kids crafts can be very beneficial. Kids love playing with colours and this allows them to design day to day items which would inspire them to do even better.

Luau parties are not just about the crafts children make but the various other activities they can enjoy such as hula dance and children's games.

Kids love planned activities and making Luau crafts is a very good way of encouraging the artist inside every child.

Hopefully these activities will help you put up your perfect Luau. Aloha!

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