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Mexican Crafts For Kids

You will enjoy giving Mexican crafts for kids because Mexicans have very colourful instruments and costumes.

Mexican Crafts For Kids

Mexican crafts will provide an avenue for children to learn about the Mexican culture in a fun and stimulating manner.

These are some very interesting Mexican crafts for your kids...

1. Maracas

One of the most lovable kids Mexican crafts is the making of maracas.

Kids will be delighted in this unique percussion instrument of the Mexicans. A maracas is like a little child's rattle.

While doing this craft, you can teach about the culture of Mexicans and broaden your child's understanding about percussion instruments.

Kids can make maracas using the following materials...

  • a clear empty water bottle
  • masking tape
  • dried beans or popcorn
  • scissors
  • markers or paint

The empty water bottle is wrapped from top to bottom using a masking tape.

It is then decorated with the use of markers or paint. Your child can freely design his/her own maracas.

Dried beans or popcorn is then placed inside the water bottle until it is half full.

Stones are not recommended because they distort the emitted sound.

2. Sombrero

A sombrero is one of the famous Mexican crafts for kids. It is a festive looking hat with a cone shaped top.

Your kids can make a sombrero using the following...

  • paper plate
  • paper cup
  • acrylic paint with different colours
  • cotton
  • glue
  • scissors

First thing to do is paint the paper cup and plate with your child's chosen colours.

Let the paper cup and plate dry. Then, glue the paper cup to the center of the paper plate.

Let your child design the sombrero using stickers, different paint colours, or markers. Place cotton balls near the edge of the paper plate.

Make sure you paint the cotton with a colour different from the plate.

Just allow your child to get creative. You might be surprised just how much creative potential he/she has.

3. God's Eye

God's eye or the Oje de Dios, is an important symbol of the Mexicans.

This object is made by weaving yarn across two sticks. It is usually given as a gift to a newly born child.

It is thought to give your child the power of God's eye - to see and know things that are hidden or mysterious.

This craft can be made using different coloured yarns, 2 popsicle sticks, glue, and scissors.

The two popsicle sticks are glued together, forming a cross. Choose one colour of yarn. Wrap it over and around one side, then over and around the next side, and so on.

This will go on until the yarn is used up. Another colour is used. Connect the first yarn to the next yarn by a knot.

The process is repeated until only about 2cm of each stick is seen.

Then, take a piece of yarn, glue it to the God's eye. Hang it as a décor anywhere in the house.

Learning should not be confined to a table, chair, and chalkboard. Kids easily get bored.

You need to create an environment that will help your children look forward to learning.

Kids will want to know about a different culture and race if you make it interesting.

Utilizing Mexican crafts for kids is a wonderful way of teaching your little ones about this unique group of people.

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