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Native American
Crafts For Kids

Native American crafts for kids will open the eyes of your children to the world of the Native Americans.

Native Americans Crafts For Kids

Native Americans are a very fascinating group of people. Your children can be taught about them through crafts.

This is a fun way of learning about a certain group of people that has made an impact to the world through their unique contributions.

Chieftain Headress

Native American crafts for kids usually involve making a Chieftain headress.

This headress will introduce your child to the most important person of the Native Americans - their Chieftain.

The Chieftain is like the President of the Native Americans. He wears a headress made of colourful feathers from the eagles.

This headress symbolizes his leadership.

Prepare the following materials for this craft...

  • glue
  • Scissors
  • Yarn
  • Beads and colored paper
  • Cardboard

Allow your child to trace a head band into the cardboard. The band should fit your child's head.

The tracing is cut and the ends are stapled or glued. Next, let your child trace feather-like shapes from different coloured papers.

Let him fill the band with feathers using a glue to stick each one.

You can suggest that he place the big feathers in front of the band and the small ones along the sides.

Chieftains braid a portion of their hair at both the left and right sides of their head. Most children do not have long hair so they can make use of a yarn.

Beads can be added in the yarn to make it colourful. Make two of these and tape them at each side of the headress, near the ears.


Native American crafts for kids will not be complete without tepees. These are the unique houses of Native Americans.

A tepee is a tent-like structure made up of the skins of animals, and some wood. The tepee is strong and can keep people warm during heavy rain or snow.

It is also cool enough to withstand hot, sunny days. Tepees can be dismantled and transferred to one place to another since Native Americans are nomadic - they do not stay in one place permanently.

Children would love to make tepees and observe how different this type of house is compared to modern houses.

In creating a tepee, you need the following...

  • 4 twigs (12 inches long)
  • glue
  • scissors
  • rubber band
  • brown paper bag
  • scratch paper
  • pencil
  • crayons
  • tape

Use the rubber band to tie the twigs together. Do not bind it very tight. Tie it approximately one inch from the tip.

Adjust the twigs to form a tepee. Lay the tepee on a scratch paper. Trace the shape of the tepee on the paper. Cut out the tracing.

Open the brown paper bag and lay the cutout on top of it. Trace the tepee cutout 4 times, side by side.

Cut out the borders of the 4 combined tepee drawings. Cut a door in one of the tepees.

Let your child decorate the tepee. Fold the edges of the tepee following the traced edges. Tape the free edges together.

Cut 1 inch off the top part. Insert the twigs into the tepee. The twigs should pass through the hole at the top part.


One of the easiest Native American crafts for kids is the making of a canoe.

A canoe is a boat used by the people to visit another tribe. A canoe is made up of branches of sturdy trees. The sides of the canoe are sewn together using tree roots.

To do this, your child needs...

  • brown art papers
  • Yarn
  • Scissors

The brown paper is folded longitudinally. Position the paper with the folded part on top. From the folded part, fold again ½ (half) inch of one side of the paper.

Do this at the other side of the paper too. This folded area will be the floor of the canoe. Trace a canoe shape on the paper.

Cut out the traced canoe shape. Sew the sides of the canoe together using a yarn. Let the canoe float on a basin of water.

These are just some of the many Native American crafts for kids. These crafts can really arouse your kids' curiosity about this truly epic culture.

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