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Ocean Crafts For Kids

Ocean Crafts For Kids...

Did you know that almost all kids love the sea or the ocean? They may see the sea and sea animals on TV but it is different when they actually go out on the beach.

Ocean Crafts For Kids

There is a great chance they will want to go back again and again.

To quench this fascination for the ocean and ocean animals, you should introduce them to kids ocean crafts.

Now, they can be near with their ocean dreams even at home.

This post will help discuss some ocean crafts for your kids.

But as we all know, there are a lot of these ocean crafts that it is impossible to add them in one post.

There are thousands of species found in the sea and that does not include the non-organic ones.

So to give you a good head start, here are some of the awesome ocean crafts you can introduce to your kids...

1. The Fish

Perhaps the most basic sea animal a kid should know.

This is one of the easiest ocean crafts for kids yet it is one of the best craft to exhaust their creativity.

You can introduce colouring pages, fish coffee filter craft, fishing paper craft and so on.

Basically for the paper crafts, all you need is to print out templates and figures to help them form the body.

Let them use various materials to decorate their piece of art. It helps to let them see pictures of actual fishes.

2. The Whale Crafts

Stuffed paper bag whale is a great craft for kids to do.

Materials include paint, paper lunch bag, newspaper, construction paper preferably blue, scotch tape, masking tape or elastic bands, glue and markers.

Form the body with the paper bag and use newspaper to act as water sprout.

Construction paper forms the rest of the body. Help them out in painting the whale.

3. Starfish Necklace

Starfish necklace is one of the simplest ocean crafts for kids.

Just using star templates and strings, your kid can already have a starfish necklace.

Kids can add a pebbly-textured starfish with white glue topped with glitters or sand.

4. Sailboat

Of course, kids know what a sailboat is. A craft can be created just by using a plastic lid, a straw, modeling clay and paper.

Your kid can use this as decor but this cannot possibly work on actual water though.

5. Octopus Craft

The octopus usually fascinates kids. It could be their many legs or it could be their weird face, nonetheless, they enjoy seeing them.

One can create this ocean crafts for kids by using various materials.

One amazing way is the use of balloon to act as a body and newspaper strips as the legs.

Colouring paint and other paper design can be used as the eyes and so on.

6. Cup o' Fish

This is a great ocean crafts for kids that create a mock aquarium for the joy of kids.

What you need is blue jello, gummy fish or fruit flavoured fish, and a clear plastic cup.

Just help your kids make blue jello as it is usually made and let it cool.

When partially set, your kid can now place a few gummy fish. It is easy and it is certainly a work of art!

Those are the crafts to help your kids discover more of the ocean. Let them have it!

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