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Parenting Boys

Parenting Boys...

Gender can really be a big factor when it comes to parenting. Most parents are excited and interested to know immediately the gender of their unborn baby.

Parenting Boys
It is a fact that roles of girls and women are not the same with the roles of boys and men.

For this reason, ignoring such roles and giving children equal treatment is hard.

This is because they are not also seen as equals in the eyes of society.

Thus, parenting boys is not the same us parenting girls.

Boys Grow And Develop Differently From Girls

Male children are wired differently to female children. Boys think differently than girls.

Studies have shown that boys mature more slowly especially on language development, fine motor abilities and social skills.

Male children are also organizationally-challenged at the same time. Boys are more self-conscious, awkward, and boisterous than girls, especially when they become adolescents.

But male children are very loyal. Many boys are prone to fights in school to defend their friends, or because someone had said awful things to his little sister.

Also, when boys enter the school-age child period and adolescence, it is their abiding wish that they will fit and belong to a certain peer group.

By nature, boys are group-oriented. In working successfully with them, they need approval from their parents or teachers.

They have the guts to do crazy things like walking over glass if they feel it is okay with you. This is why parenting... boys is very important.

Tips On Parenting Boys

As a parent, it's important that they know you are in authority.

They should respect and obey you.

Rebellious behaviour should not be tolerated. Below are some tips when parenting boys...

  • Good and ideal behaviour should always be emphasized to your son. Every time you read stories to them, like before going to sleep, it is important that you emphasize the good values and moral lessons of that certain story.
  • Your boys will always look up to you. Thus, you should be a good role model to your sons. If he sees you doing bad things, he will also do it because he thinks it is okay to do such things. You have to be consistent and always abide with your own rules.
  • Appreciate them when they display good behaviour. For example, if he is studying his lessons or did not have temper tantrums, tell him how much his behaviour makes you happy.
  • Do not tolerate bad behaviour. When he gets away with something all the time, it will be harder to stop it especially when it becomes a habit. Before that happens, you should already discipline your son.
  • Good values can be learned in a day but it should be learned every day. So you should always be available, consistent, and loving to your son. He deserves it.
Raising and parenting boys can be stressful and challenging for you. They can be as wild as tigers.

But at the end of the day, they are like puppies sleeping on your lap.

Our little boys are the future male leaders of our society. It is very important that they are taught with good moral values at a young age so that they will grow and become responsible, hard-working, trustworthy and honest individuals.

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