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Parenting Issue:
Dealing With Teenage Pregnancy

Parenting Issue...

We cannot deny the fact that teenage pregnancy is very common nowadays and it's such a huge parental issue.

Parenting Issue
Teenage pregnancy can be avoided and you can play an important role in its prevention.

But sometimes we hesitate to talk about sex to our teenagers because we are afraid that it will encourage them to have sex since they already know what to do to avoid pregnancy.

But it is not just about sex education. It's about the overall guidance on how to deal with teenage issues.

Teenage Pregnancy Is Both Dangerous To The Mother And Child

Any parent would not want his/her teenage daughter to get pregnant at a very early age because it can be both dangerous to the mother and the baby.

A female teenager is still in the transition of being a woman. She is not mature enough to handle major responsibilities like raising a child.

The body of a teenage mother is also not yet fully developed especially her reproductive system.

Complications may happen. Carrying a child and going through labour can be both physically and psychologically stressful for her.

Causes of Teenage Pregnancy

Raging Hormones.

At the peak of puberty, teenagers have mixed emotions and feelings.

With this sudden sense of independence and sexuality, they most likely vent out their mixed emotions and feelings through sexual intercourse.

Peer Pressure.

Many teenagers involve themselves in early sexual behaviour because of the pressure from their peer group.

They think that one is "hip" and "accepted" by their circle of friends if she has experienced sexual intercourse. So teenagers start having relationships with the opposite sex.

This behaviour can lead to unwanted pregnancies.

Contraceptive Failure.

Contraceptives do not guarantee that a person will not get pregnant. There can be factory defects from the contraceptive products and some may not have been used properly.

The only safest way not to get pregnant is not to have sex at all.

Parent-Child Relationship Is Critical

You should serve as a role model to your teenager. You should set behavioural standards and some guidelines that will safeguard and guide your child until she becomes an adult.

When your child respects you, she will do whatever you wish. If your child has a close relationship with you, she can open up to you and you could discuss just about everything including sex education.

You should always take time to listen to your teenager and be open so that she will not be afraid to ask for help, guidance and support.

It may be uncomfortable for you to talk about sex or birth control but you should think that it would be far more comfortable when your teenager gets pregnant or has impregnated someone and then you become a grandparent before you and your child are ready for the responsibility raising a child.

Teenage pregnancy is indeed an overwhelming parental issue but it can be prevented.

Just make sure you educate your teenager regarding the consequences of promiscuous behaviour and provide her a very loving and balanced atmosphere.

This can help avoid unwanted teenage pregnancy.

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