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Parenting Toddler

Parenting Toddler...

Are you parenting a toddler?

Parenting Toddler
Then surely you know how tiresome it is to manage these kids, especially in disciplining them.

They are known for their temper tantrums.

One minute your little one can be so quiet, cute and adorable, and then they suddenly turn into annoying brats, crying out loud, kicking and screaming.

Parenting toddler is very challenging. Their negativism and other behaviours can really drive you crazy.

Imagine how exhausting it can be handling situations like these on a daily basis. Do you just wish your toddler will listen and cooperate?

Temper tantrums and misbehaviour are likely to be displayed by a toddler when their needs and desires are unmet.

Life for a toddler can be frustrating since they still cannot express their needs or control their emotions.

But by providing them attention, love, praise and encouragement, you can teach them how to behave.

Here are 5 helpful toddler parenting tips...

1. Always Show Your Love

It is very important that you give positive attention when parenting toddler.

Your displays of affection must be more than the punishments you give her.

Hugging and kissing your toddler reassures that you love her very much. Showing your love and attention to your toddler are ways to motivate her to follow rules.

2. Enforce Positive Behaviour

When your child is misbehaving, she hears from you. You react. But if she behaves properly, do you let your toddler know that you appreciate her behaviour?

When your toddler plays quietly and did not have temper tantrums, tell her how much you really appreciate the peace and that it has helped you do some other things.

Seeing that you appreciate her behaviour, she will most likely repeat it to get similar admiration.

3. Remain Calm

This is one of the most important parenting toddler tips you should remember.

When you deal with your toddler, it is very important that you show her that you are the boss because you are the adult and you are in control.

Once you start losing your temper, it means you don't have things in control. You can be angry and still remain calm.

She must know how her behaviour really upsets you and then discipline can occur.

In disciplining your toddler, do so with your mind and not your emotions. Arguing with your toddler, spanking, or yelling at her will just make things worse.

4. Don't Give In, No Matter What

It can be quite embarrassing if your child throws a tantrum while you are in the supermarket or restaurant.

But when this happens, you should not give in to your child or give her a treat so she could be quiet.

She will learn that if she throws a tantrum in public, she will get what she wants. The best thing to do is to pick your screaming toddler and walk out.

Go to an area where you can calm her down and discipline her.

If you are consistent in disciplining her, she will least likely to throw temper tantrums or misbehave to get her way, knowing it will not do any good.

Eventually, she will learn that by showing good behaviour is how she gets her treats.

5. Be A Good Role Model

Setting yourself as a good role model is an important parenting toddler tip.

In the minds of children, what adults do is always right. Toddlers like to imitate older people and their parents are the most important people in their life.

So it is important that you always do the right thing. Admit when you commit mistakes and apologize if you lost your temper.

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