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Troubled Teen

Parenting Troubled Teen...

When your child turns 13 years old, she becomes a teenager.

Parenting Troubled Teen
This age belongs to the adolescence period which is between 13 years and 18 to 20 years old.

Adolescence serves as a transition period between childhood and adulthood.

Because of the drastic change in physical appearance and different expectations of other people (especially their parents), teenagers may have emotional and physical health problems.

Parenting troubled teen is one major responsibility of parents at this stage.

Teenagers tend to feel a lot of pressure throughout the adolescence period. They want to be independent.

They try new roles, new ways on how to think and behave, and explore different values and ideas.

According to Erik Erikson's Stages of Psychosocial Development, a teenager should achieve a sense of identity, otherwise, she will develop a sense of role confusion or can have a little idea about what kind of person she is.

When a teenager is confused about her identity, this can result to difficulty of achieving effectively as adults or she may exhibit attention-getting behaviour.

Many teenagers are prone to alcohol or drug abuse, depression, suicide, running away, rebellion, or teenage pregnancy.

That is why you should intervene as soon as you sense something is bothering your teenager.

In parenting troubled teen, here are things you can do to help them...

Don't Blame Anyone

There are many factors that can possibly contribute to your teen's current problems and there's no way you can figure out the exact reason or cause of your child's behaviour.

Besides, you cannot change what has been done even if you think you know why such problems are happening.

Blaming your spouse or yourself for the behaviour of your teen will not resolve anything and it will just add more pain or tension to your home.

You should focus on the present and how to help your teenager. Your teenager needs you.

Get Support

You should seek professional help for your troubled teen. Aside from the therapy, you also need additional support.

Talking to your family, relatives, and friends you trust can help you.

You can let family or friends spend time with your troubled teen so that you can take a break to relieve the tension.

Parenting a troubled teen can be exhausting. Be sure you give yourself a break.

Be Optimistic. Focus On The Positive Side Of Your Child

Parenting troubled teen can also be a struggle and burden on your part. You may feel as if you don't know your child anymore.

But instead of being negative about the situation, try to focus on the positive side.

Think about your child's positive traits and believe that your teen can cope up with her problems.

Identify your teen's strengths and tell her about those positive traits. With positive enforcement, you can motivate your troubled teen.

Be Empathetic And Supportive

Your teen is in pain. She may be struggling to deal with her feelings and on the situation she doesn't understand.

Your teen may be confused. You should try to see things from your teen's point of view and try to remember how it was like when you were still a teen.

Find different ways to show your love for your child. It is advisable that you acknowledge the pain she is feeling and let her feel that the problems she has are also painful to you.

In parenting troubled teen, you should be supportive too. You have to be a good listener and involve yourself in the activities your teen loves to do.

Best Of All, Be Patient

You have to understand that the problems your child is having takes time to be resolved.

You have to be patient with your teen and with yourself. You can be frustrated during the process but you have to deal with your emotions.

Therapy can take a long time so it is really important that you should be patient.

Always remember that you have to extend your patience and understanding when parenting troubled teen.

You play a very significant role in the healing process of your troubled child. Stay positive.

Always believe in yourself and your teen to change for the better and make the right decisions.

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