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Physical Development Of
Toddlers 1-3 Years

This page presents an overview of the physical development of toddlers from 1 - 3 years.

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physical development of toddlers
The folowing physical development of toddlers outline the main features of childhood development from 1 to 3 years.

The ages shown being those at which the average child performs specific tasks.

Remember that children develop at different rates and some may be faster or slower to learn certain skills than others may.

1 Year
Gross Motor Skills
  • Stand alone for a few moments
  • Crawl on hands and knees, bottom-shuffle or 'bear-walk' rapidly about the floor
  • Rise to standing without help from people or furniture
  • 'Cruise' along using furniture as support
  • Rise to a sitting position from lying down.
Fine Motor Skills
  • Show a preference for one hand over the other, but use either
  • Hold a crayon in palmar grasp and turn several pages of a book at once
  • Point with index finger at objects of interest
  • Pick up small objects with a fine pincer grasp, between thumb and tip of index finger
  • Drop and throw toys deliberately - and look to see where they have fallen.

2 Years
Gross Motor Skills
  • Walk up and down stairs, usually putting two feet on each step
  • Kick a large ball, but gently and lopsidedly
  • Push and pull large wheeled toys
  • Jump with both feet together from a low step
  • Can run safely, avoiding obstacles and are very mobile
  • Can throw a ball over hand but cannot yet catch it
  • Can climb up onto furniture
  • Stand on tiptoe when shown.
Fine Motor Skills
  • Enjoy picture books and turn pages singly
  • Copy a vertical line and sometimes a 'V' shape
  • Build a tower of six or more blocks with a longer concentration span
  • Draw circles, lines and dots using preferred hand
  • Pick up tiny objects using a fine pincer grasp.

3 Years
Gross Motor Skills
  • Use their whole body to kick a ball with force
  • Can jump from a low step
  • Can throw a ball overhead and can catch a large ball with arms outstretched
  • Climb stairs with one foot on each step... downwards with two feet to each step
  • Can stand and walk on tiptoe and stand on one foot
  • Ride a tricycle using pedals.
Fine Motor Skills
  • Can thread large beads onto a lace
  • Can eat using a fork or spoon and enjoy taking part in family mealtimes
  • Control a pencil using thumb and first two fingers... the dynamic tripod grip
  • Draw a person with head, and sometimes with legs and arms coming out from the head
  • Can cut paper with scissors.

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