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Importance of Physical
Environment For Child Care

The Importance Of Physical Environment For Child Care...

physical environment for child care
As a child care worker you should plan and create an environment that is caring, stimulating and attractive to children and one that best meets their needs at different stages.

There are many factors involved in creating a stimulating and caring environment for children.

It can be achieved by providing a range of age-appropriate equipment and resourses, giving careful consideration to the layout and decoration of a room, including safety, through good teaching skills and a caring approach.

Displays and interest tables are also an effective way of creating a stimulating and attractive environment for children and enhancing their self-esteem.

The childcare and education environment may be the only place outside the child's home that a child is left without the main carer.

Childcare workers need to provide a reassuring setting for the children in their care. If their needs are met in a friendly and nurturing environment, it will increase their feelings of security and well-being.

Physical Environment For Child Care

Arranging The Area

Childcare settings are located in a variety of types of accomodation. Some will be modern and purpose-built, but others will be sited in buildings which were not designed with the needs of children in mind.

In a large area, such as a hall, several activities can be in progress at the same time.

In a home environment, the activities may be restricted to one or two at a time, but with changes of scene and other everyday activities, like shopping, planned throughout the day.

Choosing furniture and equipment and planning the layout is important to make the setting welcoming, safe, reassuring and stimulating for the children.

When deciding how to arrange the area, the following factors are important...

Safety Requirements

There should be adequate space, heating, ventilation and lighting. Heating appliances should be properly guarded.

Local authority regulations should be adhered to with regard to the physical space provided and the number of adults caring for the children.

Exit doors should be securely fastened and not be capable of being opened by any of the children. Doorways, emergency exits and fire escapes should be kept clear at all times.

Staff should be aware of the procedure for emergencies, such as fire, and there should be regular drills and practices.

Feeling Secure

Welcoming children into an attractive and thoughtfully arranged environment will help reassure an insecure child.

Childcare settings should be geared to the needs of the children with child-sized equipment, attractive displays and a quiet, calm atmosphere.


Furniture, carpets and curtains will help to make the environment a pleasant place for the children to work in.

In a child-centered environment, these items should be chosen with children in mind, particularly with regard to size and durability.


Children need plenty of space to play, but often a large open space is not conducive to the most purposeful types of play.

Large spaces should be broken up by moving furniture into smaller areas which offer different types of activities for example, sand/water/painting/home corner/book area.

This will enable the children to concentrate more readily and allows for flexibility in the overall makeup of the space.

Access to Equipment

Children thrive on responsibility and being allowed to make their own decisions within a safe framework.

Resources should be accessible as possible to the children so that they can choose which materials they are going to use.

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