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Physical Play And
Development Potential

Physical play is a type of play that allows your child to use his large muscles and exercise his whole body.

physical play

Age Range Type of Equipment Physical Play And Development Potential
9 months-8 Years Swing A swing gives your child much pleasure as he enjoys rhythmic movements.

As he learns to co-ordinate his movements he builds up strength in his legs and upper body as well as the ability to balance.

Baby swings are available which prevent children from falling out.

18 months-8 Years Slide It helps your child to learn and climb and builds up his confidence in balancing.

He enjoys the sense of risk-taking and challenge as he climbs.

Different heights of slide are available, ranging from two steps upwards.

1-8 Years Sit-and-ride toys
These are versatile and popular with children.

They can make moving around part of their games and can play co-operatively together.

Many skills are developed, including the ability to judge speed, steer and pedal.

Leg muscles are strengthened and general co-ordination is developed.

The range of equipment means that very young children can enjoy feeling mobile.

2-6 Years Play tunnels Play tunnels can be used by your child as a place to hide when playing with friends as part of a game.

It can also be used as part of an obstacle course and can often link into other pieces of equipment such as tents.

Your child develops co-ordination between the arms and legs and general agility.

Be aware that your child may become frightened and may get stuck so your supervision and encouragement is vitally important.

3-8 Years Trampolines Bouncing allows your child to develop his sense of balance while giving him a sense of achievement.

Jumping and bouncing strengthens leg muscles and builds stamina.

Some trampolines have handles, which means that your child from three years can use safely under your supervision.

3-8 Years See-saws
Children enjoy working in pairs and enjoy the sensation of moving from side to side and up and down.

Balance and co-ordination skills are improved.

Rockers can be suitable for your 18 months old child. See-saws is generally good for your child between three and eight years.

3-8 Years Climbing frame Co-ordination and balance skills are developed through climbing.

His leg and arm muscles are strengthened and he enjoys the challenge and the feeling of adventure.

There are a variety of styles of climbing frames available.

From 4-8 Years Rope ladders and ropes Children enjoy learning to climb up ladders.

This helps their sense of balance and co-ordination.

Ropes can be used to swing on which strengthens arm muscles.

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