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Pilates During Pregnancy

Pilates during pregnancy is something the new generation of active women should definitely be able to appreciate.

That should be no surprise at a time such as this when we have endless information and technology to use to our advantage.
Pilates During Pregnancy

These days, women are much more accepting of the fact that their bodies will change dramatically during their pregnancy and delivery, and that being a few months out of shape would be perfectly normal.

Still, today's women have the unending desire to be fit, which is where Pilates comes into play.

Pilates is a somewhat old form of exercise (invented by Joseph Pilates in the 20th century) that has recently gained quite a lot of media attention and is currently helping many people, all over the world, with improvements in their physical and mental health.

The inventor originally came up with the method because he was himself very weak and could not do the regular exercises like other people of his age.

What it eventually turned out to be was a good understanding of how the body muscles and mental control works and finally, the application of the knowledge to help other people in improving the control and thereby their bodies and the enhanced quality of life that would inevitably ensue.

Due to its stress free nature and anywhere-anytime-anyone philosophy, it is very safe to continue with Pilates during pregnancy.

It is a low impact exercise that works with your body in its present state and does not demand or involve the high stresses involved with other exercise regimes like weight training or cardiovascular training.

Pilates during pregnancy is not a new notion, nor is it just a vain ambition. It is a reality that has long existed.

Because Pilates is such a flexible exercise and fitness program, you can simply do exercises that you are comfortable doing, without any ill effect to yourself or your baby.

Pilates is a flexible fitness program that can be tailored to beginners and advanced practitioners.

There are pre-natal classes for expecting mothers just as there are post-natal classes for those who have recently delivered.

First Trimester

It is quite safe to do almost any Pilates exercise during the first trimester though it is safest to first consult your doctor and discuss all possible exercises before going ahead on your own.

Sometimes it also helps if you can talk to a properly certified Pilates instructor as they already possess knowledge of how to proceed in these matters.

Second and Third Trimesters

It is advisable to be a bit more cautious during this phase of pregnancy. Discuss everything with your doctor as well as a certified Pilates instructor before doing anything (or continuing with your existing Pilates routine).

Pilates are quite safe but there can be individual complications that only qualified professionals can help you with.

Pilates during pregnancy might be best discussed with your health professional in the interest of your well being and peace of mind, prior to engagement.

Though there have been no reported incidence of negative effects, there are different circumstances surrounding each pregnancy and it is wise to consider securing the approval of your doctor so you don't risk the life that you are carrying.

Pilates has helped a lot of women gain strength to use during child delivery.

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