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Poor Parenting:
When Can You Say You Have
Poor Parenting Skills?

Poor Parenting...

As a parent, you play a very important role in the growth and development of your child.

Poor Parenting
The moment they are born, you are responsible for their physical, social, emotional, and psychological well-being.

Being a parent is a tough job and you should raise your child the right way.

But most parents are not psychologists or psychiatrists who are experts with understanding children's behaviour.

Nobody is a perfect parent. You may think that you have good parenting skills because you are following how your own parents brought you up.

But have you really assessed yourself? Do you really think you have good parenting skills?

When Can You Say You Have Poor Parenting Skills?

1. Never Spending Time With Your Child

As a parent, you also look for money so you could provide food for your child and pay your bills.

You can be busy with your job and you might be too tired when you get home.

But not spending time with your child is an example of poor parenting. You can't just tell your child to watch TV all the time.

You have to involve yourself in her life. Asking questions about how her day has been will allow you to get to know what's going on with her.

Your child needs your love and attention to thrive. She needs to know you really care about her so she won't grow up feeling unloved.

2. Spoiling Your Child And Making Excuses

Loving your child does not necessarily mean you have to give her what she wants.

Giving her everything she asks for does not help her. She will just end up being a spoiled brat.

Your child must learn that she has limits and boundaries. She must learn how to follow rules.

You should not make excuses when your child misbehaves.

You should discipline your child and teach her the consequences of her behaviour so she will grow up to be a hardworking and responsible citizen.

You should not do everything like making her schoolwork. She will not learn how to be independent.

Let your child learn from her mistakes which can help develop her coping skills.

3. Undermining Your Partner

You have to be consistent on how you discipline your child. A spouse undermining his/her partner is also considered a poor parent.

It is very important that you should back up your spouse.

If your child was scolded by your spouse and then goes to you for solace, you should not tell your child that what your spouse did was wrong and that you also feel bad for her.

Consistency is very important from you and your spouse. Your child must know that she cannot get away from her mistakes from one parent.

She should learn how to take responsibility for her actions.

4. Physical Abuse

Any form of child abuse is part of poor parenting. You should never hurt your child physically and emotionally.

You should not hit your child just because you are angry or disappointed. You are indirectly teaching your child that it is okay to hit other people.

Slapping her is very unacceptable. It teaches her that the use of physical force is one way of dealing with conflicts or misunderstandings with other people.

5. Emotional Abuse

Belittling and embarrassing your child in front of other people or not are forms of emotional abuse which are extreme examples of poor parenting.

You should never tell your child she is worthless or she will not be able to achieve anything.

You should encourage and motivate your child in times of failure and that it's okay to commit mistakes as long as you learn from them.

Emotional abuse may lead to anger or depression. She will grow up to have low self-esteem and insecurity.

Your child is a gift from God. She deserves your love and care. As a parent, you should always look out for her.

Poor parenting skills can lead to serious problems like teenage pregnancy or substance abuse.

That is why it is very important that you should make an assessment of your parenting skills to avoid problems that will affect the overall growth and development of your child.

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