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Pregnancy After 35

Pregnancy after 35 is no longer an impossible task.

It was thought in years gone by that once you reach this age you are incapable of bearing children as your menopause was just around the corner.
Pregnancy After 35

These day's women are running their own businesses and have high-profile careers which can put a spanner in the works when their biological clock is ticking.

We now know thanks to research that when you reach the age of 35 or over it is possible for you to give birth to a healthy baby.

Many take the route of modern fertility treatments such as IVF which allow an egg from your reproductive system to be fertilized in a laboratory with your partner's sperm.

At the age of 35 plus your reproductive eggs are as old as you are and that can mean the quality and quantity are heavily reduced.

This is referred to as the ovarian reserve but at the end of the day it only takes one healthy egg to make a baby so the better you look after yourself in terms of physical and mental health the better your chances are of a healthy conception.

Your diet should consist of fruit vegetables and whole-grains along with moderate exercise to ensure a healthy flow of blood to your ovaries.

This rich, oxygenated blood nourishes and prepares your egg for fertilization.

Acupuncture, an ancient Chinese treatment using long thin needles to manipulate the energy points (meridians) on the body is highly effective at increasing circulation.

It also is noted for its success in helping women whose menstrual cycles have been irregular.

Once you have regular periods you are able to ovulate consistently. No drugs needed just a natural treatment without side effects and very cost-effective.

When planning a pregnancy after 35 it is essential you rid yourself of any habits that could prevent conception.

Smoking will decrease fertility and cause problems for your unborn child.

Drinking alcohol will make having a baby at 35 plus difficult and could damage the foetus.

When you drink alcohol so does your baby via the placenta. If you feel tipsy so will your unborn child.

There are so many ongoing health issues that apply to children born of mothers who drink heavily during their pregnancy.

A high intake of caffeine and this can be in the form of coffee, foodstuffs, chocolate and certain beverage will affect your chances of conception.

Risks Associated With Pregnancy After 35 Years Of Age


Infertility is more common in women as they age. As you age, your fertility naturally declines. Women who postpone their decision to have a baby often are surprised when they are unable to conceive immediately.

This adds to their worry and anxiety. Instead of getting anxious it is best to consult a doctor if you are unable to conceive even after six months of trying.

Diabetes And Blood Pressure

Chances of suffering from certain health conditions like diabetes and high blood pressure significantly increase with age.

Such conditions often begin to affect you after the age of 30. Getting pregnant with these health conditions poses a number of risks.

Birth Defects

Incidence of certain chromosomal birth defects is more common in older mothers. To quote an example, a 20 year old woman has a 1 in 1250 chance of having a baby with Down's syndrome.

This probability increases to 1 in 400 for a woman aged 35 and 1 in 100 for a woman of 40 years of age.

Miscarriage And Stillbirth

Miscarriage and stillbirths are common in older women compared to young ones.

Complications During Pregnancy

Complications happen more often in older women. Two of the most common and serious complications are gestational diabetes and pre-eclampsia.

Pre-eclampsia is also referred to as pregnancy induced hypertension. These conditions are normally monitored very closely by doctors to keep it under check.


As you age caesarean rates too tend to rise. Statistically around 28% of women over the age of 35 undergo caesarean as compared to only 10% of women under the age of 25.

Although there are increased risks of pregnancy after 35 years of age, most babies born to older mothers are normally healthy.

After taking into consideration the age and physical condition of the mother, doctors monitor their health and suggest additional testing, whenever required.

It is indeed possible to have a baby after 35 and all that you need to do is to get regular prenatal care, eat a healthy diet and most importantly enjoy your pregnancy.

The most important factor in a healthy pregnancy after 35 is your own determination.

Create a visual picture in your mind of you already being pregnant and look after yourself as if you really are.

Creative visualization is renowned for turning dreams into reality and this is no exception. The power of your mind can truly perform miracles.

If you eat well, exercise and follow the helpful hints outlined here you could be pregnant after 35.

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