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Pregnancy During Menopause

Pregnancy During Menopause...

Menopause is when your reproductive system close shop. Literally speaking, it is a period when you cannot get pregnant.

Some women find that pregnancy is a concern during menopause.
Pregnancy During Menopause

The best method to learn the chances of pregnancy during menopause is to understand what happens to your body during this change of your life.

Menopause is medically known to occur when you have undergone 12 consecutive months without any periods.

This indicate that your production of hormones have stopped. When these hormones are no longer produced your ovaries will no longer make eggs.

However, even when you are in menopause, you may still produce some hormone. This can cause an egg to be implanted within the uterus lining. Therefore you can still get pregnant.

It is believed it is not possible to conceive when you are in the peri-menopause, but medical statistics may surprise you.

If you are still having your periods irrespective of whether it is regular or not, you still have a possibility of getting pregnant because you are still ovulating.

With menopause, many women enjoy their sex lives, as there is no need to use any protection to prevent pregnancy.

So, some women feel they are too old to get pregnant. Hence, the mixed emotions when it comes to pregnancy during menopause.

If you find out you are pregnant during menopause, do not feel that you do not have an option.

Some women go for medical termination of the pregnancy since they are aware of the problems a late pregnancy can cause and they are also aware that they cannot cope with being pregnant and the tension and stress that comes with it.

But at the same time there are women, who are very happy as they feel they are youthful again just like they were before.

At this point of time, you need to discuss with your partner about the pros and cons of the pregnancy.

Both should be open to listen to each other's suggestions because pregnancy during menopause is a challenge and can be handled better with the cooperation of your partner.

There is no need to blame each other for this pregnancy. In spite of the fact that your emotions would be high, this is the time you can use communication and do what is best for your baby.

You should not do anything in haste to make you feel uncomfortable in any way.

You cannot become pregnant naturally when you are post menopausal (after you have completed menopause).

This is because you no longer produce the hormones that are required for menses to take place.

Women who believe they have become pregnant after menopause actually became pregnant during menopause because it is not possible to become pregnant without medical intervention after menopause.

It is simply impossible, because pregnancy can only occur if oestrogen and progesterone are being produced.

Women who have experienced an early menopause (usually before the age of 45) and who had difficulty becoming pregnant or wished to start a family later on in life, can still become pregnant with hormone therapy during menopause and through an egg donation procedure after menopause.

However, it is important for you if you are 35 and up to understand that there are certain risks involved in becoming pregnant.

You are at a greater risk of miscarriage, infection, haemorrhaging, embolisms, gastrointestinal diabetes and developing hypertension disorders if you become pregnant during menopause.

In addition, strokes, seizures and eclampsia are also risk factors for older pregnant women.

Furthermore, medical research has discovered that 40 year old women put themselves at high risk of developing these health conditions if they become pregnant, and the risk grows even higher with each passing year after 40.

As you can see, although it is rare for you to become pregnant during menopause, it is plausible.

You need to be kept under the watchful eye of your doctor to protect your health and the heath of your baby.

Keep in mind that while you can become pregnant during menopause this is a rare occurrence.

Therefore, despite what you may read in magazine articles or online, if you have concerns about becoming pregnant, or suspect that you are pregnant the best person to speak with for advice is your doctor or gynaecologist.

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