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Pregnancy Exercise Plan

Pregnancy Exercise Plan...

Whether you were always fit or not, you should consider an exercise program while pregnant.

After consulting with your doctor, you should put together a program that works for you.
Pregnancy Exercise Plan

Your body will be going through a lot of changes during the course of your pregnancy, it would be best to be prepared.

It is safe to exercise during pregnancy. As a matter of fact it is recommended that you exercise during pregnancy as there are many benefits to you and your baby.

Exercise leads to a healthier pregnancy. Studies have shown that women who exercise have an easier labour and delivery.

Research has also shown that the babies of mothers who exercise when pregnant have a stringer foetal heart rate.

Your first step in a pregnancy exercise plan is to decide how much you want to accomplish with the program.

Are you continuing with a program that you had in place before you were pregnant?

Is this a new exercise program that you have put in place just for your pregnancy?

The first part of any pregnancy exercise plan is a stretching program. Gentle stretching exercises for your neck, shoulders, hips, arms, and legs should be done on a daily basis to keep your body limber.

In addition, you should start a breathing program early on. The exact stretching exercise for pregnancy can vary.

Pregnancy is a good time to begin a low impact exercise program. Yoga enthusiasts are always looking for new recruits.

The program includes the breathing and stretching exercises that are part of an exercise plan.

A pregnancy Yoga program will get your muscles limber and your breathing in order.

It should also allow you to clear your mind and relax. Other traditional low impact programs such as Pilates and Tai Chi are also perfect when modified for pregnancy.

Let your instructor know that you are pregnant.

Two of the most traditional exercises should also be incorporated in a pregnancy health plan.

A daily walking program will stretch out your muscles. Try power walking around your neighbourhood.

Without much planning you can do this everyday. Swimming exercises are a comfortable way to stretch out your muscles as well.

Pregnancy Exercise Forms

If you have been an active exerciser, the 40 weeks of week-by-week pregnancy are a time to tone down and if you have not considered exercising till date, this is the time to start.

Considering the sensitivity of pregnancy, few selected exercising styles that can be tried out are...

The best exercise regime that must be continued all through the three trimesters of pregnancy.

Walking can never hurt, provided your shoes are comfortable enough to walk.

Towards the final days of your pregnancy, keep to a slow walk and stick close to your home so that in case of emergency there are people around.

If you are worried about your physical appearance post pregnancy, follow a diligently planned yoga schedule.

Yoga and exercise together are a perfect way to deal with any disfiguring issue, post pregnancy birth.

Stretch Out
Stretching helps attain the desired flexibility of motion.

The deliberate exertion during stretching not only helps you relax better but also helps cool down after a tiring exercise schedule.

This exercise form imparts a few minutes of feeling weightless even with the added weight around you.

Swimming further helps in a good sleep and along with other mild aerobics forms, keeps you active throughout.

Exercising is great and pregnancy exercise is a serious must. However, do not overdo things. Don't suddenly wake up one day and burn yourself out.

Exercise, but plan and start slow. Pregnancy exercise attire must comprise of loose clothes.

Eat well while you exercise during pregnancy. The idea of pregnancy exercise is simply not to deal with pregnancy weight gain.

It is to stay fit and healthy during the 40 weeks of week-by-week pregnancy and times thereafter.

Therefore, eat well during your week-by-week pregnancy, gain weight and complement the efforts with wisely planned pregnancy exercise.

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