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Pregnancy Games

Pregnancy games or baby shower games are ways of adding fun and laughter to your shower party without spending much money.
When you add lively games into your pregnancy celebration, happiness permeates to all the guests and the expectant mother.
Pregnancy Games

There is no better way to entertain your guests and have a fun-filled atmosphere at the shower party than to indulge in interesting pregnancy games.

However, the first step should be a round of introductions in which all the guests should introduce themselves and disclose how they know the mother-to-be.

Below are a few ideas for a pregnancy/baby shower games.

The Guessing Game

This is a very interesting game in which you need to display one or two pages of a calendar and then ask the guests to guess the time and date when they think that the baby will be born.

Each guest can record his/her prediction on the calendar with initials.

You can also ask them to pay a small amount of money as a fee for participating in the game so that the baby pool can be utilized for buying the prizes.

They can make several guesses but each time they will have to pay the fee.

You can extend the game by asking the guests to predict the weight, sex and length of the baby.

When the baby finally arrives, you can give a prize to the guest whose prediction was closest.

Transfer Game

Another popular pregnancy games to celebrate the pregnancy of the mother-to-be is the transfer game in which two basins are used.

You should fill one of the basins with cotton balls and the other basin should be kept empty.

The participants should be blindfolded and asked to take out the cotton balls from the basin containing the balls with a spoon and transfer them to the empty basin.

Each player will take turns at transferring the balls. With a pre-set time limit, the player who can transfer the most number of balls will be the winner.

Quiz Game

For this game, you need to create a database by requesting the grandparents to write about the parents.

All pertinent information should be recorded such as date and time of birth, weight, height, first smile, first tooth, early manifestations of personality, and age when toilet trained.

You should now organize a baby quiz in which you can ask the guests to guess the above and write on a piece of paper.

You can give a prize to the guest with the most correct answers.

Rice Bowl

Another interesting game is the rice bowl game in which plain uncooked rice is put inside a bowl up to the half way mark and then some safety pins are mixed in the rice.

You should blindfold the participants of the game and ask them to take out the safety pins from the bowl.

The players will have to take turns in taking out the pins. The winner will be the player who takes out maximum pins.

Drinking From The Baby Bottle Game

For this game, you need to get a few baby bottles and fill each with one or two ounces of juice or milk.

You can now select some participants on a voluntary basis. Preferably, the mother-to-be should also be one of the volunteers.

You can now give a bottle each to the participants and ask them to drink from the bottle until the entire contents are consumed.

The participant who finishes first will be the winner. This baby shower game is not as easy as it appears because drinking from a baby bottle is not an easy task.

You and your guests can have lots of fun during this game because even those who are not participating will enjoy watching, laughing and cheering the participants.

The bottle races would also provide ample opportunities to the amateur photographers to take some lovely pictures.

Match The Picture With The Guest

Another bright idea for pregnancy games is guessing the guest. You can have plenty of fun in this game.

You need to ask the guests to bring their childhood photograph and deposit with you. You can then ask the players to identify the picture and match the right person with the picture.

Most people love this game, as there are immense possibilities of mismatching leading to laughter and fun.

You can devise various other pregnancy games with the sole purpose of having fun and to put you in the right mood.

It is as much fun playing the games as watching them and supporting any of the participants.

A pregnancy game can provide plenty of excitement and fun for you and to your friends and relatives who are attending the celebrations of your pregnancy during the baby shower party.

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