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Pregnancy Hormone Levels

Pregnancy Hormone Levels...

When you get pregnant your body goes through many different kinds of changes.

Hormone levels will be on the rise as your body prepares to sustain life for both you and your baby.
Pregnancy Hormone Levels

It is typical for you to experience fear and worry when you are pregnant.

You will fear for the health of your unborn child.

You will worry about the possibility of having a miscarriage if you don't do everything just right.

All of these fears are common, although usually unfounded. Nature has a way of taking care of you and keeping you safe.

Research shows that hormone levels are so elevated during pregnancy that they may be having an adverse effect on your brain cells.

There could a link between pregnancy and memory problems. A research that was conducted took into account the various stages of pregnancy.

According to the research, the first trimester in pregnancy did not show any visible set of problems related to memory.

However, when women were given simple questionnaires to fill in their second and third trimesters, they performed a lot worse.

Also, women tend to get worried during pregnancy if they will be able to function normally after giving birth.

The phase of memory loss actually lasts for quite some months even after pregnancy.

Pregnancy causes several psychological problems like low mood levels and anxiety disorder. It is known to cause prenatal and postnatal depression.

These conditions may be affecting the memory in women during pregnancy also.

Hormones could be playing a big role in causing memory loss.

While typically hormones get regulated in the body for the safety of the mother and child, some hormones when produced excessively in the body may not suit the brain cells.

Higher rate of sex hormones also have an effect on the neurons in the brain.

Memory is a brain function that usually takes place in the hippocampus and it is this region of the brain that the scientists feel is adversely affected by the circulating hormones.

Mood swings and anxiety that extend after pregnancy in the form of post natal depression also causes memory loss after pregnancy.

With the drastic change in hormone levels many women find that they suddenly suffer from anxiety and panic attacks.

You may have never had an anxiety attack or a panic attack in your life until you become pregnant and all of a sudden you find that your fears are out of control.

There is no way to know how your body will react to the increase in hormones.

Everybody reacts differently and until you have been there you just can't tell how it will go.

Increased levels of hormones are making all kinds of changes in your body but these changes are necessary for a normal pregnancy and delivery.

If you find that you suddenly experience anxiety and panic attacks during pregnancy you should immediately discuss this with your doctor.

For nine months your body will be undergoing changes and that is a long time to deal with severe anxiety and panic.

Now, more than ever, it is important for you to eat a healthy diet and get regular exercise.

The delivery process is called labour for a reason. Your body needs to be in good physical shape to endure this process.

This will also help the foetus grow strong and healthy if you stay healthy.

The things you eat will also go to feed your baby so you need to take care to eat foods that provide nourishment to your baby.

If you experience a lot of anxiety and panic your doctor will probably recommend that you give up caffeine entirely.

Caffeine is a stimulant that flows through your bloodstream and into the bloodstream of your baby.

It is possible for your baby to feel stressed at the same time you do.

Avoid taking pain killers or other types of medicine unless your doctor approves it. Remember, everything that enters your bloodstream will also enter your baby's bloodstream.

Do something you enjoy every day. This could be a long soak in the tub or a shopping trip to look for baby items.

If it makes you feel good it will help you relax.

Remember that pregnancy is a normal process that women experience every day.

You may have to learn a few techniques to help you get through those hormonal periods but when you look at the end result you will know that it is all worth it.

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