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Pregnancy Over 40

Do you think that pregnancy over 40 would still be possible?

Most physicians would say that the opportunities are less and the only chances are IVF, egg donation or adoption, but there are women in their late 40s and even 50s who conceive with their own eggs and without the benefactor of any drugs or surgery.
Pregnancy Over 40

Five months is the least you need because your body takes five months to bear a new egg.

It seems too long, but bear in mind that compared to the period you collect toxins, it is still minimal.

No matter what age you are, most people would wish for a child to continue their genetic line or to uphold their family legacy.

They know very well that the mere presence of a child far outweighs the costs of taking care of the child.

Thus, many women still find themselves yearning for a child at 40 years of age or have already become pregnant at such an age.

Most doctors do not recommend pregnancy at this age. However, that does not mean that conception is not possible.

Although, it can take more time and more preparation because the success rate of fertility treatment becomes lower after 35 years of age.

Hence, if you are trying to conceive over this age, you might want to have a thorough medical exam first.

It is important to check your cholesterol level, blood pressure and blood sugar level as the first step of determining your health.

Most people are not afraid to take risks. Surviving pregnancy over 40 does take courage and patience because there are more odds to fight against.

However, due to vigilance and perhaps a healthy constitution, those who have taken such risks have been blessed with healthy children.

All would-be mothers who are planning or expecting pregnancy over 40 should know the risks and plan such pregnancies with their eyes wide open.

If you are still young, say 25 or 30 or 35 years old, but have not found the right partner to have a baby with, you can preserve your fertility to enable you to withstand pregnancy over 40.

To be in great shape and lessen the risks that usually accompanies pregnancies over 40, start getting a healthy lifestyle.

There are many benefits to exercise. It keeps you veering away from your healthy or optimal weight.

It strengthens and keeps your muscles young. Thus, your body can withstand the strains of additional weight when you become pregnant.

Folic acid and iron are extremely important supplements, even for women who are not planning on getting pregnant.

The dietary recommendation is at least 400 micrograms of folic acid and 40 milligrams of iron.

Avoid smoking (first hand or second hand) altogether. Cut back on booze and caffeine, too.

Factors You Must Understand About Pregnancy Over 40

Every menstrual period, you get no more than 25% chance to becoming pregnant.
For the period of menstrual cycle, you'll get about 25% opportunities to conceive.

Rather than asking the best way to get pregnant, it is advisable to begin taking notes about your current ovulation period as it can be the best time fertilization can occur.

Normally for a lot of women, ovulation takes place in day 14 of menstrual period.

Sperm cell could possibly survive as long as 3 days inside the cervix and at the same time ovum may only live for less than two days.

The best time to have sexual activity is usually a day before ovulation or day 13 of your menstrual period and then the following day.

Keep in mind, in some cases menstrual period of 28 days can be quite different for some women, which means you may possibly alter it a little bit a couple of times to see the effect.

Remember the fact that cervical fluid is very important.
Cervical fluid is the liquid which assists to transport sperm cells to the vagina. It appears to be very clear in colour and it has a texture like white egg.

Cervical fluid is produced couple of days right before ovulation usually takes place and become a lot more watery within the ovulation process.

Your body temperature is a real indication of ovulation.
Usually, your ovaries are designed to produce oestrogen hormones which will reduce your body's temperature.

However, during ovulation ovaries is going to produce progesterone hormones that may increase your body temperature.

It will be perfect for getting basal body temperature thermometer at a local drug store.

Make sure the thermometer is able to measure all 10th of a degree because during this period, your entire body temperature may rise up from four to six degrees

Risks of Pregnancy Over 40

Higher Risk To Certain Medical Conditions.
Older women are at a higher risk to get certain medical conditions during gestation, such as diabetes, high blood pressure etc.

As these conditions could have dangerous effects during your gestation, they require closer monitoring and could place restrictions on your diet.

More Chance For Defects In Your Baby.
Another problem is that the likeliness of delivering a child with a genetic disorder increase as you become older.

For example, the risk of Down syndrome becomes higher. You should strongly consider genetic testing since the chance of hereditary problems increases significantly.

Chance Of Miscarriage Increases.
Your chances of having a miscarriage go up and the need of having a caesarean increase as well.

The greatest obstacle in pregnancy over 40 is conceiving. A woman reaches peak fertility between 20 and 24.

Women aged 35 to 39, fertility is 25% less. And in women aged 40 to 45, the probabilities of conceiving are 95 % less than a woman in her twenties.

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