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Pregnancy Wheel

Pregnancy Wheel...

Before the days of ultrasounds and home pregnancy kits, when women suspected they were pregnant, they calculated the approximate due date by starting with the first day of their last menstrual period, added on seven days and then counted back three months.

When they visited the doctor for a urine test to confirm their pregnancy, the doctor used a cardboard wheel, called a pregnancy wheel, to come up with the same calculations.
Pregnancy Wheel

The wheel is a useful tool to use when you are planning to get pregnant so that you can actually know when your body is in its most fertile state.

When you turn the wheel, you will see when you are most likely to conceive during the month.

You will also know when your baby will likely be born if you do become pregnant during this month.

The wheel also contains a pregnancy planning guide so that you will know what to expect at each stage with the a glance.

Along with knowing what to expect in the changes in your body and your emotions, you will be able to see the stages of development of the foetus and know when different parts of its body are developing, such as the facial features and the vital organs.

Do you know that one out of six couples are infertile? Pregnancy wheel comes to the rescue of such couples and help them conceive.

Fertility issues are based on many physical as well as biological factors.

Certain infertility problems are simple enough to be solved through home remedies such as ovulation calendar.

Once you conceive, the pregnancy-wheel will show you important pregnancy milestones over the next 9 months, including the foetal weight and length on a weekly basis.

Other key reminder dates include: foetal heartbeat, nuchal translucency, triple screen, amniocentiesis, ultrasound, viability, foetal movement, due date and post term.

All You Want To Know About Your Fertility

You get information regarding your most fertile days, the time to go for your pregnancy test as well as prenatal check ups, and week by week description of the changes taking place in your body and the development of foetus.

With the help of pregnancy wheel, you can keep a track of your ovulation date, the day when you are the most fertile, the date of egg implantation, and even the date of your missed period.

The Significance Of Pregnancy Wheel

Usually, ovulation occurs at the mid of a menstrual cycle. During this time, the egg is released.

For conception to occur, this egg should unite with the sperm within 24-48 hours of its secretion.

Therefore, to increase the chances of conception, it is a good idea to know your ovulation time.

But this is not as easy as it seems to be, as the time of ovulation is not the same in every woman.

With the help of an ovulation calendar, you can know the time of ovulation and plan your intercourse accordingly for successful conception.

Most couples solve their infertility problems through a pregnancy-wheel or ovulation calendar.

Medical help is required only when you fail to conceive after many attempts of planned intercourse.

So, before you rush to your doctor declaring yourself infertile, try using such calendars. Maybe it's just that the timing is not right.

Or maybe you are too stressed out for making a baby. If this is the case, then try to incorporate some relaxation hours in your lifestyle.

You will be surprised how easy it becomes to conceive!

Pregnancy wheel has managed to bring joy in the lives of a large number of couples.

If you, too, are suffering from infertility issues, then it's time to try out this wonder wheel and bring a bundle of joy in your life!

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