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Prenatal Brain Development

Prenatal brain development...

Prenatal brain development

There are certain things in and around us that occur on a regular basis.

Nevertheless, as we spend some time over thinking in detail about those very things, they go on to surprise us.

Something similar may happen as you get to know some facts related to your baby before he is born.

Brain of your baby starts developing when he is in your womb. This is called prenatal brain development.

When your baby is in the womb, the first 36 weeks are full of surprising developments that occur in his brain. In simple words, he begins to learn when he is not even born.

You may be surprised after reading this fact but it is true that the learning process of your baby begins when you carry him.

The first 36 weeks are full of some amazing developments of the brain of your baby. The taste buds begin to develop in a slow and sound process when he is of just nearly eight weeks.

You will further be surprised to know that your baby becomes able to taste all the foods that you take everyday. He can taste all the flavours of your favourite foods as the taste buds develop slightly.

The next pre-natal brain development stage is perhaps more surprising for you. Your baby can hear your voice and he starts to recognise it when his faculty of hearing begins to develop.

These are some very interesting and important developments of the brain of your baby and he can recognise you even when he has not seen you.

Brain development starts when your baby is actually two to three weeks old. After he reaches the age of about four weeks, different sections of his brain begin to mature.

The different sections function in different ways and he starts learning more things. At the seventh week, some hormonal works begin to start.

Before the completion of this seventh week, your baby’s brain has no distinction of whether its male or female.

As your baby is nearly seven weeks, the hormonal reactions begin and the brain recognizes your baby’s sex. The brain of a boy and the brain of a girl start developing at slightly different pace.

By twenty-five weeks, the brain develops at a faster rate. The neurons are grown by now and the nervous system of your baby starts working in a developed level.

He begins to remember sounds.

At the 30th week, his brain grows tremendously and he begins to shape his memories.

Finally, between thirty-six to forty weeks, your baby’s brain becomes more developed and the prenatal brain development helps him to recognize you and your voice.

He can link the previous memories of you after he is born.

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