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Fun Rabbit Crafts
For Kids

Fun Rabbit Crafts For Kids...

Do not be surprised if your kids love rabbits. Maybe blame it on bugs bunny and other cartoons, but the thing is bunny rabbits are cute and adorable.

Fun Rabbit Crafts For Kids

It cannot be helped that your kids may want to have rabbits as their pet.

But not all of us may want this, so that is where fun rabbit crafts for your kids play its role.

Fun rabbit crafts for kids gratify their needs of having a pet rabbit.

Kids can enjoy creating various rabbit crafts and even place them in their room, dining area or playground.

To make it easier for you on what crafts to pick, we have these fine selections prepared for you...

1. Bunny Rabbit Colouring Pages

Alright, this is perfect for your kids aged 2 or younger.

They can enjoy colouring these various pages and all you need is to buy several colouring books.

Let them see actual pictures of rabbits and let them try to copy it through colouring and also adding some of their style.

It is a basic and simple rabbit crafts for kids so make use of it.

2. Paper Mache Rabbit

This is perfect for older kids aged 5 and up. The use of paper mache to form rabbit requires time and good amount of effort but is certainly worthy.

Let them follow a shape, you can purchase some solid outlines of rabbit or let them create one without guides.

Make sure you let them paint and accessorize their finished product.

3. Bunny Rabbit Ears

An accessory for your playful kids, bunny rabbit ears are inexpensive and easy to create.

Just form a paper, could be any type of hard paper and form it as a crown.

Add an ear by cutting a piece of paper and attaching it.

Of course, add some details by adding colours and decors.

4. Rabbit Paper Plate

This is a good way to add rabbits in the dining area.

Perfect for ages 3 and up, rabbit paper plate uses printable templates, paper plate, colouring materials, glue, scissors, paper and printer.

Just print the template and let it serve as a guide, simple and straightforward.

5. Coffee Can Bunny

Using a coffee can you can have a fun rabbit crafts for kids already.

Just glue the cotton balls on the back of the coffee and some templates to add the face of the bunny.

Paint and voila you have your coffee can bunny.

6. Bunny Collage

You can let your kids create their own bunny collage just by using simple craft materials or basically anything you have around in the house.

Try to give them time to decorate their collage and let them be artistic about it.

7. Fruit Bunnies

Using orange or apple, your kids can create fruit bunnies. Using candy fruit slices, jelly beans and string cheese you can have a healthy set of bunnies already.

Just help them in cutting the slices, you can also add other goodies such as marshmallow, and peanut shaped candy.

Let them form their fruit bunnies and they may use toothpicks to hold them. Except the toothpick, this is 100 percent edible!

As you can see, there are a lot of fun rabbit crafts for kids. Try them out and see how enjoyable they are!

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