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Rainbow Crafts For Kids

Rainbow Crafts For Kids...

Kids just love rainbows and they also are fond of art crafts. Put them together, you get twice the fun.

Rainbow Crafts For Kids

Rainbow colours are just irresistible for children. It stimulates their creative thinking and cognitive reasoning.

It also helps in getting kids attention especially in their early learning stages like counting and spelling.

Colouring books are created to help young readers enjoy early literature.

Crafts are a perennial favourite when it comes to children's arts.

They develop a lot of cognitive, spatial, motor and artistic skills while doing them.

It is best to introduce craft making early in their childhood.

So, get a paper and colourful markers and let's start making rainbow crafts for kids.

1. Melted Crayon Art

This is an artwork made of melted crayons.

This particular rainbow craft for kids is fairly simple although they will be needing your supervision in handling equipment.

All you need are crayons, hot glue, a canvas and a blow dyer.

First, swirl some hot glue on the surface of the canvas and lay a few crayons down. Be sure to follow the ROYGBIV sequence.

Put some newspaper on the side areas of the canvas to avoid spillage. Turn the blow dryer on LOW.

Place the canvas at an angle and point the blow dryer at the crayons so they will drip.

Let it dry and watch how beautiful the colours go together.

2. Rainbow in a Cup

Rainbow crafts for kids are also a fun way to introduce cooking; like making colourful Jell-O's.

This exciting snack is simple to make but each layer of Jell-O has to set first before you add the next layer so, if you are planning to serve this as a snack for an occasion, start days before you want to eat it.

You will need a pack of red, orange, yellow, green, blue and purple Jell-O, hot and cold water, small clear plastic containers, and a refrigerator.

Make the red Jell-O according to the instructions on the box. Pour a small amount into the clear plastic glass.

Put it in the fridge and wait for it to set (this may take hours or overnight).

Repeat the process with the orange, yellow, green, blue and purple Jell-O's.

There you have it a colourful snack for you and your kids to enjoy.

3. Construction Paper Rainbow

Learning the different colours is the objective of this rainbow crafts for kids.

You will need one sheet of construction paper in each of the rainbow colours, a pair of scissors, pencil and glue.

You will have to draw a circle on each paper. Starting with red, draw a nine-inch circle.

On the second colour, orange, draw an eight-inch circle, and on the third, yellow, draw a seven-inch circle.

Continue drawing circle on each paper one inch smaller than the last one. Cut the circles out.

Lay the red circle flat and glue the orange circle on top of the red circle. Then, glue the yellow circle on top of the orange.

Continue gluing the next coloured circle on top of the other.

Cut the whole circle in half and there you have a nice construction paper rainbow perfect for teaching your kids the different colours.

There are more rainbow crafts for kids to enjoy and to learn as well.

Some of them are more complicated and intricate than the examples above.

This will boost your kids creativity and imagination. So, start making your own today.

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