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Reading To Children:
Teach Your Child to Read
In 12 Weeks Guaranteed!

  • Have you been looking for a program that makes reading to children or your child easy but couldn't find one?
  • Have you been unfortunate enough to buy expensive programs claiming to teach your child to read in no time?
If you have and you haven't being successful then you do not need to worry anymore.

I've come across a fantastic program called 'Children Learning Reading' by Jim & Elena Yang. It's a step-by-step program to teach your child to read in just minutes a day.

It comes complete with a set of sound clips that demonstrates the proper pronunciation of letters you'll be teaching your child.

reading to children

The program also provides numerous stories and rhymes that are designed for the lessons and designed to match the progress of your child's reading ability.

Jim teaches his 3 year old daughter how to read using the techniques he shares with you in his program.

Jim does what he preaches unlike others who just tell you what you have to do instead of trying it themselves first to know if their techniques work.

Here's a video of Jim's daughter reading a book...

==>Please Turn On Your Speakers<==

Before I could honestly recommend this program to you I had to try it first to know if it worked. I tried it with my 3 and a half year old nephew, Kojo.

I started using Jim's techniques with him the same day I got a copy... in the morning... and by the evening Kojo could pronounce clearly letter sounds and alphabets. Imagine what you can also achieve if you follow Jim's techniques wholeheartedly.

How Effective Is The Program?

This program is based on Phonics instruction (individual sounds). It is one of the oldest and effective methods of teaching your child to read. It is very simple, straight forward, step-by-step and it can be used to teach even very young children to read.

Other programs I've come across uses "whole language" learning to read... which is not effective... but this program is the only program that uses the alphabet letter names and letter sounds to teach your child to read fast by helping your child develop phonics and phonemic awareness.

This helps your child develop a strong foundation and this foundation will help him become a fluent reader.

Studies carried out confirms that children with a high level of phonemic awareness (individual sounds) have significantly better reading and spelling abilities compared to children who have a low level of phonemic awareness.

How Does The Program Work?

The program come in two stages...

Stage 1 teaches your child the basics of reading starting with the alphabet letters and letter sounds.

Stage 2 lessons are slightly more advanced reading.

Stage 1:

Stage 1 comprises of 28 lessons beautifully laid out using the alphabets in order. The program starts slowly at first. The first 4 lessons start with the letters A, B, and simple blending exercises AB, BA, C, and CAB.

Here's what you'll teach your child in Stage 1...

  • You begin teaching alphabet letters and the letter sounds to your child
  • With letters your child has learned, you teach him to form simple words by blending sounds together and you slowly build upon that so that your child will be able to identify and read more complicated words
  • You then slowly introduce short and simple sentences into the lessons, making good use of the words your child has learned to read.

This step will help your child associate letters to sounds, blend sounds to make words and also sound out whole words. Your child will develop exceptional pronunciation skills and will be able to spell correctly.

Stage 2:

Stage 2 comprises of 22 lessons that introduces your child to more complicated written text - greatly expanding your child's vocabulary and reading fluency.

Here's what you'll teach your child in Stage 2...

  • You focus on teaching your child letter combinations also known as digraphs. A digraph is a pair of characters used to write one phoneme (one distinct sound). The sound represented by digraphs is often one that cannot be expressed by using a single character.

Examples are...

ch , ph , qu , sh , wh , ea , ie , au , oo , ew etc...

Who Is This Program For?

This program is for you if your child has not learned to read, or who has some reading difficulties. It is designed to teach your child to read effectively through practice.

It will help your child develop a keen knowledge of the letters and letter sounds. Remember nothing is as effective as repeated exposure and practice.

My Final Thoughts

As you go through 'Children Learning Reading' program with your child remember that there's no time restraint placed on each lesson.

Take your time and go through it with speed you are comfortable with and more importantly, a speed that your child can handle with ease.

Remember that reading to children or in your case your child should never seem like a chore for your child.

Teaching your child to read should be fun, entertaining and a positive experience for both of you.

Jim's program gets my 100% recommendation.

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