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Reborn Baby Dolls

Over the past few months, reborn baby dolls have become more and more popular.

However, most people do not even know what a reborn baby is.
Reborn Baby Dolls

Reborn babies are basically dolls which are made to look and feel like a real human baby.

But some may ask why are people attached to these dolls?

One reason is that many women who no longer have children can take comfort in these dolls.

They can cradle them and remember what it's like to have a newborn baby.

Similar to a regular doll, they are generally made of up vinyl; however, each doll is carefully crafted to become as life-like as possible.

The art of making reborn baby dolls requires a number of detailed procedures and starts with disassembling the parts of a doll, removing its factory paint, stuffing each part to make it heavier, and putting back together again.

Reborn baby dolls are coated with several layers of paint in different shades to create an authentic human flesh tone; then the hair, including eyebrows and eyelashes, are painstakingly rooted individually to the doll's head and face for a natural finish.

To make it more realistic, some dolls are built with mechanisms to emulate the feel of heart beat.

Each doll can cost a hundred to a thousand dollars depending on its workmanship. This art of making reborn doll is called "reborning" while the doll artist is called "reborner".

The process of making reborn dolls started in early 1990s in the United States, when doll aficionados wanted a more authentic human doll.

Slowly it gained popularity and in 2002, the first reborn doll was sold through the internet.

Since them, more and more doll enthusiasts, artists and hobbyists are engaging in reborn dolls making it popular in different parts of the world.

In 2005, the International Reborn Doll Artists was founded in Orlando, USA and currently, there are hundreds of reborn forums and guides found on the internet.

One of the famous reborner is Deborah King, who has been in the business for more than 8 years.

She said she had seen the art of making reborn dolls grow and develop and she had enjoyed specializing her skills.

She had made and sold reborn baby dolls to collectors in different parts of the world.

She had also been invited and interviewed by different TV shows and magazines.

Key Babies Reborn Terms

There are few phrases and terms that those who are not familiar with reborn babies may have a hard time understanding the meaning.

A reborner is someone who create these dolls for a living or as a hobby. These reborners will often times sell their product online.

They will have a custom store where they will have reviews, pictures, and information on the reborn babies they have created.

In addition, many times reborners create a custom reborn baby if requested.

They can go by a written description or even if you send them a photograph they can make one that will look extremely similar to the picture.

Another term that many might not be familiar with is when the word adoption is being used.

When someone who bought a reborn doll refers to the word adoption, it means the year she purchased the reborn doll.

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