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Recycled Crafts for Kids

Recycled Crafts for Kids...

Now that society pushes everyone to go green, it is crucial that you your kids have an understanding of the importance of recycling.

Recycled Crafts for Kids

As kids, many of us have played with empty bottles, cans, toilet paper rolls and other scrap materials.

Instead of throwing everything in the garbage bag, recycled crafts will be a great way to teach kids the importance of recycling.

Here are some tips on how to make recycled crafts for your young ones...

  • Craft supplies can be expensive at times so reusing scrap materials also teaches your kids the value of money by saving some.

    Recycled crafts for kids can be found almost anywhere around the house. From the kitchen, bedroom, garden or simply inside your trash bin.

    You can take an empty toilet paper roll, coloured elastic bands, scrap cardboards cut into various shapes and glue to make a nice looking pencil holder.

  • There are so many ways to reuse plastic containers. Fill them with water and add blue food colouring and glitters.

    Place little toy fishes and plants to make a mini ocean show for your kids or as decorations to their rooms.

    If your child likes to play outside, teach him how to grow their own plants using old plastic containers as pots.

    This kind of recycled crafts for kids also teaches them to take care of their environment.

  • You can help your children make their own dollhouses using large cardboard boxes from appliances.

    Use an empty toilet roll for the chimney. Cut old magazines, giftwraps or paper and paste them as wall coverings and floors.

    Add cutout pictures from magazines and mount them so they look like framed photos on the walls.

    Cut and sew old clothes and use them as curtains. Add appliances inside the dollhouse using small tea boxes as oven, refrigerator, etc.

    Make use of a soapbox or matchbox for a nice bed, tables, drawers, cabinets and other furniture.

    Colour the outside of the dollhouse with paint and there you have it, a cool recycled dollhouse for your little girls.

  • You can also use old magazines and newspapers for a lot of recycled crafts.

    Paper is one of the most recyclable materials that you can find at home. Get some old magazines and newspaper.

    Fold and cut them into strips and weave them into baskets or bags. You can also make paper dolls, paper planes, etc.

  • Let's not forget, the art of paper mache. Mix a cup of flour, water, white glue and a pinch of salt into a bowl to make the paper mache paste.

    Tear the newspaper into strips, dip one piece and stick it to the form you want your paper mache to look like.

    You can make almost anything with paper mache and it is also a fun craft to teach your kids!

Recycled crafts for kids do not only help the environment but it also teaches them the importance of recycling and resourcefulness.

It is a fun way of helping kids become responsible individuals not only for themselves but also of nature.

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