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Skin Care During Pregnancy

Skin Care During Pregnancy...

Pregnancy is a good experience in your life but there are a couple of things that starts to worry you during this time like skin care during pregnancy.

During pregnancy, the added hormones in your blood stream can create a variety of problems that can affect your skin.
Skin Care During Pregnancy

You can be affected by acne, melasma and stretch marks or an existing condition can be exacerbated like for example eczema.

Skin problems during pregnancy can be stressful and this doesn't do anything good for your unborn baby.

Informing yourself about the symptoms you are experiencing and how to treat them is the best way to have a harmonious and trouble-free pregnancy.

Acne Skin Care During Pregnancy

During pregnancy, acne can be considered as a very big problem, especially if you are having your first baby.

Hormone levels can spike the production of sebum which is why many pregnant women are affected by acne. Most common spots for acne breakouts are the face, chest and back.

You need to make use of acne relieving products or toners that are organic or made up of natural ingredients.

This can also prove to be helpful in getting rid of blemishes and scars.

In most cases you might not be able to use acne relieving products that contain ingredients like salicylic acid or topical medicines like retinoid.

There are chances that using these medications might lead to birth defects so using natural creams and lotions is advisable.

When pregnant, it is important that you maintain proper moisture in your skin as it needs to expand.

Using quality moisturizer is always recommended for proper skin care, and the use should be continued even after delivery. Using natural sunscreen is very much crucial when you are pregnant.

During hormonal imbalance, there are chances that your skin might produce more pigment cells.

This in-turn results in dry skin, so most dermatologist advice making use of moisturizer for prolonged periods before and after pregnancy.

Along with this, natural sunscreen is also helpful for preventing your skin from UV radiations.

Melasma Skin Care During Pregnancy

An excess level of melanin is also produced due to hormonal imbalances.

This creates dark patches around your cheeks, nose and forehead. This is a very common problem during pregnancy.

Only natural products are recommended here too. Snail secretion and rumex extract (natural skin whitener) is highly recommended. This combination will inhibit melanin production.

Stretch Marks And Pregnancy

Stretch marks are almost inevitable during the last months of pregnancy and nearly 90% are affected with this common skin problem.

A balanced diet and skin that is well moisturized is the best way to prevent this. It's also advisable to use a natural skin moisturizer to prevent stretch marks here too.

Snail secretion is great at keeping your skin in top shape and you should moisturize at least 2 times daily to keep your skin properly moisturized.

Skin Cleansing

Cleansing your skin during pregnancy is essential if you want to keep hormone-related outbreaks to a minimum.

Since your skin may be more sensitive than normal, it may be beneficial to use a soap designed for sensitive skin.

A glycerine based soap is perfect for this purpose. Avoid harsh astringents, even if you feel that your skin is very oily.

Instead, try a gentle scrub of raw quick oats to remove excess grease. You should also not wash more than a couple times per day or your skin could end up very dry.

One of the best things you can do, both for your baby and your skin, is drink a lot of water.

This helps flush the toxins out of your body and not only leaves your skin fresh and glowing, but can prevent hypertension during the final trimester, which can stretch your skin and damage it.

So, up your water intake and keep that healthy shine.

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