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Travel Toys

Toddler Travel Toys...

Toddlers get easily bored. Their minds are so alert! They constantly need to be given attention or else they end up catching everybody else's unwarranted attention.

Toddler Travel Toys

Travelling with hyperactive toddlers can be stressful especially when they get to see so many interesting views.

Their minds are filled with so many questions.

Though it is recommended that you and family members give toddlers all the attention they need, this is really difficult to do, especially when mobile.

Toddlers who scream, squeal, shout during a ride may be annoying to other travelers and distracting to the one driving.

Toddlers need something that distracts them during long trips.

This is where toddler travel toys come in handy. These toys are fashioned in such a way that they keep your little ones engrossed for long periods of time.

Travel toys do not break easily, or have small parts that can be dropped or lost so you do not need to worry.

These toys are also built lightweight, so you can carry many of them with you, just in case the toy gets boring along the way.

Some of the popular toddler travel toys are the following...

1. Scribble Colouring Books With Washable Crayons

There are colouring books designed for travel. These books are made up of special paper.

The paper does not tear easily and is resistant to drops of liquid.

The colours and drawing can also be erased so you do not have to worry that the whole colouring book is done in just an hour.

Colouring books are so fun for toddlers. They just love to mix and match colours.

Observe how the pages come to life with vibrant arrays of different hues.

You just have to make sure you bring washable crayons. They have to be the washable ones because toddlers love to scribble everywhere.

I think they get amused when people stare wide-eyed at their colourful masterpieces over cars, walls, or airplane stack tables!

2. Aquadoodle Travel N' Doodle

This is actually just a pen that you fill in with water. The water will turn to colourful ink.

Your toddler can draw and colour for hours until the water is dried. The colourful ink vanishes when it dries.

The amazing thing about this toy is that it is reusable. It is super lightweight. You also do not need to worry about the ink because it is non-toxic.

3. Animated Travel Flash Cards

Toddler travel toys would not be complete without a set of animated travel flash cards. These travel cards are animated.

You can choose a variety of interesting designs from alphabets to animals, dinosaurs, cartoon characters, or numbers.

The cards are informative because they help your child remember the names of things. The cards are also entertaining because of the pictures.

These cards are built to be sturdy. These are not typical flash cards that get smashed after two hours of play by a little child.

Travel flash cards are resistant to spills and tears. Unless, your toddler deliberately wants to destroy them, they can withstand your toddler's mighty hands.

Travel toys will always come in handy during long trips. It gives them something to focus on.

It can also help in dealing with tantrums. Travel toys can divert their attention. So if you plan to travel with your toddler anytime soon, do not forget to bring toddler travel toys.

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