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Toothache During Pregnancy

Toothache During Pregnancy...

Pregnancy is the time when you need to emphasise on oral health and there are certain reasons for doing it.

Toothache is one of the most excruciating pains in the world. Toothache during pregnancy should not be taken for granted at all.
Toothache During Pregnancy

Most pregnant women overlook the risk in letting the toothache run for a long time, thinking that seeking treatment and taking medications may harm their baby's health.

Most of the time during pregnancy you may experience nausea and vomiting which adds to the bacterium that accumulates on your teeth.

Also, pregnancy is a time when many hormonal changes take place in your body including your mouth.

In certain cases, this can increase the risk of developing red, swollen or bleeding gums, commonly referred to as pregnancy gingivitis.

If untreated, this condition could lead to the more severe gum disease periodontitis.

This heedlessness can cause pointless stress build up. The stress that the pain brings affects not only you but also your baby in your womb.

Toothache during pregnancy is rarely bearable, and more often than not, is a culprit of many sleepless nights.

Insomnia caused by this pain can also make your baby restless and strained.

Increase in pressure in your neck and jaw area particularly the most piercing would prove to be the most persistent pain also.

First aid remedies to severe tooth-ache are safe for you as there are alternative medicines that you can use.

Moreover, pregnancy gingivitis can produce a hormone that can result in uterine contractions.

Hence, the ill-health of your gums may be responsible for...

  • Premature birth
  • Low birth weight of babies.


To immediately ease the pain, put a teaspoon of rock salt onto an eight-ounce glass of lukewarm water and gargle, concentrating on the affected area.

Place an ice cold compress on the jaw line and lie down slightly inclined so as to decrease the pressure.

If the pain persists for more nights, despite natural remedies being rendered, you should see a dentist immediately for a thorough check up.

There are many causes of toothache and a tooth decay or cavity is just one of the few.

Abscess in the decayed tooth causes inflammation and infection and may have possibly affected the gum area.

This should not be taken lightly as abscess may further cause heart ailments in the future, as in the form of rheumatic heart disease.

You could also be experiencing an impacted wisdom tooth and could be very painful and dangerous if left untreated.

Immediate action should be taken so as to properly address the problem and relieve you from added stress and pain.

It is important for you to avoid stress, get plenty of rest and relaxation and steer away from any more unnecessary pain to give birth to a healthy baby.

A trip to your dentist should not cost you much of your time and money, so the next time you have sleepless nights due to toothache pain, consider seeing your dentist right away.

Your health and your baby's should be the foremost in your mind and treating your toothache pain should be your foremost priority.

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