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What Is Child Development Continued...

What is Child Development continued from previous page...

Social and Emotional Development

Your child begins to understand more and has to learn how to live happily at home and the outside environment. By taking your child to the park, playgroups and shopping where there is likely to be other children will encourage and enlarge his social circle because he will have the opportunity to play with other children.

He develops his emotional skills when he realises that he can do things on his own. This is evident when he begins to help you with his own care or assisting you with household chores.

Intellectual/Cognitive Development

Intellectual/cognitive development is the way your child learns to think for himself. This includes memorising, concentrating, and understanding any given information.

As he develops intellectually, he is able to think creatively and relates the past to present when solving problems. For example, this includes a two-month-old baby learning to explore the environment with hands or eyes or a five-year-old learning how to do simple math problems.

Speech and Language Development

During the first few years of your child’s life he understands what is said and speaks few words. To encourage this, sit down with him with a book and have conversation with him, making sure you listen to him as he reads from the book.

Sensory Development

This is learning through the use of senses such as vision, hearing, taste, smell and touch. You can help promote your child’s senses by encouraging him to taste different foods and smelling different smells.

If your child is not yet in full command of his language, he will use all his senses unexpectedly in investigative and experimental play.

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