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Benefits Of Wooden
Toddler Toys

Wooden Toddler Toys...

Toys provide sensory stimulation especially for young minds like toddlers. Toddlers just love to look at, touch, smell, and even taste their toys.

Wooden Toddler Toys

It is their way of exploring the toys around them. There are different types of toddler toys in the market today.

The most popular ones are those with sound effects, flashy lights, and colourful paints.

Toddler wooden toys were the craze before, but now they have become less appealing to the new generation.

There is an assortment of toddler wooden toys.

They can be in the form of stacking toys, shape sorter trays, cubes, building blocks, peg puzzles, and puzzle shapes.

Wooden toddler toys may be less preferred but they are actually more beneficial.

Here are some of the reasons why...

1. Environmentally Friendly

The process of making toddler wooden toys is simple. The materials used do not harm the environment.

On the other hand, the process of making synthetic toys is tedious. Plastic is utilized, a very harmful substance to the environment.

Most of the toys manufactured today also contain lead. Lead is a mined element. Mining uses corrosive chemicals that cause rivers and mountains to be polluted.

Mining also involves logging. Logging destroys mountains and may result in flashfloods and landslides.

2. They Are Safe To Use

Toddler wooden toys are made up of wood, a naturally occurring substance. You can be sure that when a toddler eats a wooden block, he is not ingesting any harmful chemical.

Most of the synthetic toys are made up of plastic. Plastic is known to be hazardous to health.

Plastic contains chemicals such as phthalates and bisophenol-A (BPA) that can be disruptive to a child's neurological functioning when eaten or inhaled.

Lead is also known to be incorporated in the process of making some synthetic toys.

Lead is a toxic chemical that can be very harmful especially to little ones.

3. Stimulating To The Imagination

Modern day toys have built in colours, sounds, and lights. A child simply has to watch these toys and play with them.

Wooden toddler toys are plain and simple. They can arouse a child's imagination. A child will be the one to supply the sounds and create the other effects.

In the process, his creativity is developed. Modern day toys fail in providing lasting amusement to little children.

Once they get used to the exciting sound and light effects, they get bored with the toy easily.

4. Character-Developing

Wooden toddler toys are simple toys. They do not have flashy lights or built in sounds. They are less expensive than modern day toys.

Children who play with them are taught simplicity and humility. They are also taught to be happy with the little, simple things in life.

They will learn how to value the more expensive, high tech toys and play with them carefully.

5. Less Prone to Damage

Toddler wooden toys are sturdy toys because they are made up of hard wood. Hard wood is lesser prone to breakage or damage.

These toys can last for many years and can be handed down from one generation to the next. Most of the newer toys of this generation are not built to last for months to years.

When these modern toys are dropped, they get broken and their parts get destroyed.

So if you are planning to provide toys for your dear toddler, buying wooden toddler toys is the best choice.

These toys can last a lifetime, which means, they can treasure them forever. They can even pass it on to their future kids.

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